March 28th, 2020

Jesus Take The Wheel: Astrology on the Move

Check it out: Absolution from a BDSM-attired priest during a drive-up confessional amidst social quarantine.

So, study the elements:

• Absolution (Jupiter)

• Hoodwinked priest. (Jupiter conjunct Pluto, I have this same conjunction so I know this one well).

• Via an automobile that’s static (Mars conjunct Saturn)

• Amidst a social pandemic (Saturn in Aquarius).

All of these components are actively buzzing through the atmosphere right now and taking on myriad modes of expression. Like this one. Always astrology is the symbolic wed to the literal, there is no separation.

As I tell my students:

The best way to learn astrology is to dig deep into the birth charts (if you have trustworthy data) of public figures: artists, politicians, criminals, celebrities, etc. as all of the seemingly disparate components that comprise a horoscope are put into high detail when people wrangle attention on life’s stage.

The same goes for current affairs and of-the-moment events that are captured at a particular time on film, video, etc.

Photographs are the best to work with because you have a moment that’s frozen in time, which is also the same phenomenon at play at your birth. A frozen sliver of time turned into a birth chart.

As soon as you’re out of your mother’s womb world you’re on your own, baby — plopped out into the throbbing pulse of the Earth’s (your new mom’s) biosphere.

I learned this from Grant Lewi, one of my favorite astrologers of all time. I’m working on a fascinating article about Grant that I’ll post soon. Grant put the mod in modern astrology. And I fell in love with him when I was a wee lad.

Photograph by: Shawn Thew @shawno66 @epaphotos.

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March 26th, 2020

Saturn/Aquarius: Breath, Discrimination & Dads

“Say it, no ideas but in things.” –William Carlos Williams

I’m hearing from clients and friends a lot, “I’m having difficulty with shallow breathing.”

Yes. Saturn (pressure) in Aquarius (the atmosphere we partake of equally).

Aside from viral pan-demonium, the shift from Capricorn (earth) to Aquarius (air) is akin to a dizzy shift in altitude. But if you feel into it the rush is liberating — but our lungs take time to adjust.

Like everything in astrology, there’s always a marriage of the literal and the symbolic.

Labored breathing creates a condition where we pay more attention to breath (awareness) in general.

And on the flip, Saturn forces us to discriminate and focus on specific opportunities within the endless realm of possibilities that Aquarius represents.

Also, notice this: Wherever your Sun is located you’ll feel opposed, depending on the house. Aquarius opposes Leo, the Sun’s natural domain.

A key to contemplate is the different ways your father opposed you as a child. Why? That original imprint is activated during the Saturn Aquarius transit.

As a collective, we’re forced to collectivize rather we like it or not.

Much of the panic and hysteria related to COVID-19 is a release of pent up forces related to our suppressed instinct to relate to one another. It’s natural, basic and very animal/human. We are mammals after all.

There are three compelling instincts that compel people in life. Freud called them drives, Jung reformated them into archetypes. The security instinct, the sexual instinct, and the social instinct.

Manic political ideologies have split culture in two; where people are sequestered and hunkered into their sides and corners. This division has mutated into a pathological divide, hitting peak crescendos with Obama’s presidency and now Trump’s. Read more

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February 29th, 2020

Trump’s Viral Moment: A Plutonic Pandemic

Astrology and Donald Trump. Two subjects that don’t play well together, especially for predictive astrologers.

The moment Trump took office in 2017, liberal-leaning astrologers (probably about 90% of the field) released regular predictions that earmarked failure for the president. Very much in the spirit of: “If you build it the disasters will come.”

But like “…grab ’em by the pussy”, and Robert Mueller and Russiagate and a litany of alleged rapes and the dreary impeachment acquittal, Teflon Trump always emerged unscathed. Slice off one tentacle and two more grow in its place.

Remember all of the hyperventilated excitement about The Great American Eclipse of 2017? A total solar eclipse that was scheduled to hit Trump’s Leo ascendant like a bullseye. Ruin and karmic blowback were to ensue.

And then — nothing.

Trump did set a new record for low favorability numbers, a cipher that instantly equated to his devotees hunkering in even harder for their victimized hero.

I think if I were younger and not so busy with clients, I’d spend more time attempting predictions; but the pastime doesn’t interest me because astrology has a terrible track record for successful predictions.

Although I am always curious to study planetary transits after the fact because they will reveal something new about astrology and the antiquated rules astrologers work with to compose predictions.

Recently I took a different approach and melded dream symbology with some horary techniques in the chart I constructed for the 2020 election. That fit more my style, where an open-ended, out-of-time outcome dropped hints along the way (if you could catch them with your imagination).

A big factor that’s a problem for predictive astrology is that astrology is a living art, not a static, etched in stone, collection of rules.

Just because we have a good understanding of how one species lives, doesn’t mean that there isn’t new information to research and cull about its habits, lifespan and the ecosystem it occupies.

Life is one endless stream of revelations and that includes the various components that comprise the astrological logos.

Just as our Earth is constantly evolving so too are the planets and our Sun and Moon. Nothing is static although the rules astrologers attempt to apply are.

But let’s get back to President Trump because it appears that we are in the midst of a major revelation related to what astrologers started to speculate last year.

Astrologer Ray Grasse wrote an excellent prelude to this moment for The Mountain Astrologer.

Anyone with even just a cursory interest in astrology has been tracking how the ongoing Saturn and Pluto transits in Capricorn were about to trigger an opposition to Trump’s Venus Saturn merger in Cancer.

If Saturn aspects a planet, especially by conjunction, the planet takes on qualities beyond the norm, usually as a compensatory response to Saturn’s divestment and sense of lack.

As Grasse notes in his article on Trump:

“…I find it fascinating how so many ultra-rich types have Saturn–Venus connections in their charts. Take computer giant Bill Gates, born with a Saturn–Venus conjunction; or Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, also born with a Saturn–Venus conjunction (as was his estranged wife MacKenzie); or Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, born with Saturn opposite Venus; John D. Rockefeller Jr., born with a Saturn–Venus conjunction; or media powerhouse Oprah Winfrey, born with a Saturn–Venus square — the list goes on.”

The power of accretion (Saturn) married to the power of attraction (Venus) becomes an earmark of that particular merger; Venus’ magnetic force to attract is amplified or distorted by Saturn’s sense of ‘never enough’.

Whenever I’ve studied Trump’s natal chart I’ve viewed this conjunction as his lucky charm. It certainly earmarks the power (Saturn) he’s accrued (Venus) through real estate (Cancer) — with scores of disasters, bankruptcies and accusations of fraud (12th house) along the way.

C0nventional astrology tints Saturn with depressive hues: limitation and restriction. But it’s said that Saturn is very happy in the 12th house of a horoscope. I suppose because of Saturn’s propensity for mischief and the 12th house’s penchant for self-undoing.

Trump conducted a rare news conference last week to announce his “great” plans for preparing the U.S. for the coronavirus.

More sideshow than an official briefing, Trump also announced that he was placing Vice-President Mike Pence in charge of what looks to be a full-blown epidemic.

The irony was not lost on those folks who still recall Pence’s disastrous handling of an HIV uptick in Indiana. One of Pence’s strategies came straight from the Evangelical playbook: Pence listened to community leaders’ alarm and told them that he would pray on the situation.

So should you contract COVID-19, please know that Mike Pence is praying for you.

After the Pence assignment and instead of offering more information as to what measures were being enacted to protect citizens Trump talked about the virus’s negative impact on the stock market (long considered his golden ticket to a second term as president).

The vulgarity of the press conference supernova-ed the following day when Trump declared that the coronavirus scare was a “hoax” perpetrated by the Democrats.

And then, boom!

Finally the obvious was staring astrologers right in the face.

Although Saturn had moved beyond opposing Trump’s rabbit foot conjunction, slower-moving Pluto (always late to the party) was just starting to lock into direct opposition with Trump’s natal Venus, right as the coronavirus began to bloom in the United States.

But wait, there’s more! From out of the shadows the 12th house’s propensity for self-ruin moved into high gear.

Sociopolitical critic David Talbot revealed that a Health and Human Services whistleblower’s report recently announced that the Trump administration itself, “opened the first major U.S. door to the epidemic by ordering untrained and unprotected HHS staffers to greet passengers from the virus-ridden Diamond Princess cruise ship at two Air Force bases in California.”

Talbot went on to explain how, “These government employees then dispersed around the country, with at least one infection (in the community near Travis Air Force Base) resulting from this bone-headed Trump maneuver.”

Pluto is often associated with epidemics and pandemics, especially when Saturn is hovering nearby. I wrote about this earlier and how the AIDS virus got traction during the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Libra in the early 80s.

For the past three or four months, when asked about predictions based on Trump’s astrology, I’ve told friends and clients that only the grim reaper could intervene.

Meaning, Trump’s lucky streak could only be daunted by some natural calamity. I ventured heart trouble given the combustibility of his natal Mars conjunct his Leo ascendant at a critical degree.

But the coronavirus is more literal and fitting a Pluto opposition — where outside events or forces bring destruction.

As the stock market reels from its fatal plunge, one of the worst in its history, Trump, too, is scrambling to remake the narrative by sucking dry whatever fumes are still animating his Venus Saturn conjunction.

But in the end, no one ever ‘wins’ when it comes to Pluto. Liz Greene once said about Pluto that you have the option of losing an arm or losing a leg during a Pluto transit.

Nature melts us all down eventually and returns us to her chthonic cauldron. Even Teflon-coated souls like Mr. Trump.

Opening collage by Frederick Woodruff. New Yorker cover art titled “Under Control” by Brian Stauffer.

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February 23rd, 2020

Our Titanic Moment: The US Election of 2020

“The old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a variety of morbid symptoms appears.”
–Antonio Gramsci

I had a dream about the 2020 Presidential election. It involved an iceberg, a ship, and a horoscope.

This article shows how I combined the divinatory art of horary astrology with my active imagination to gain insights and perhaps secrets regarding what is guaranteed to be the most crazy-making election in our lifetime.

But first some back story.

When I teach astrology I have my students learn the basics of horary astrology first.

Horary astrology (oy, I can’t stand that name) allows for a direct hands-on approach for learning the art. When every component of a horoscope corresponds to something literal in one’s life it’s much easier to grasp the applicability and practicality of astrology.

The thesis for horary astrology is this: You ask a question at a particular time and then draw up the horoscope for that exact moment to cull insights or answers by studying the chart.

Did you lose your keys yesterday? Where is Mercury in the horary chart? Should you hire a lawyer? What’s going on with Jupiter and where is the Moon in the chart? The specificity of horary astrology makes it both charming and effective.

My teacher Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson used to say that horary astrology worked because the old Biblical teaching, “Ask and you shall receive” was literal; more than just a platitude.

A question makes its way into our awareness when a corresponding answer accompanies the query. Questions and answers are a kind of polarity. As she noted, “The position of the planets at that moment will reveal the problem, its background, and also its final outcome or answer.”

I utilize horary astrology fairly often but sometimes, as I’ll detail here, I will break from tradition and study the horary horoscope as if it were a dream.

Here is the chart for the moment my question about the 2020 election first appeared: Read more

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February 05th, 2020

All Things Interesting with Tesher Cohen & Me

Last month I was a guest on Tesher Cohen‘s podcast All Things Interesting.

We discussed a slew of topics related to astrology, the Internet, social media and writing, with tips and suggestions from both Tesher and myself as to what works nowadays when you hope to make a mark for yourself in the crowded world of social media and Internet memes.

Here’s a breakdown of what we explored:

• Astrology and the 60s counter-culture.
Camille Paglia on why astrology is an art.
• Why an astrologer requires a psychological lexicon and the ability to synthesize.

• The archetypes of the Oracle and the Seeker.
• The difficulties the Internet creates for artists and astrologers.
B.J. Mendelson‘s book Social Media is Bullshit.
• Why astrology offers insight into the human condition.
• Commentary on Tesher’s natal chart.
• The Zodiacal wars. And the Zodiac as the Earth’s aura.
• Frederick’s stint as a telephone psychic.
• America’s shadow and Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn.
• Astrology and the Uranus conjunct Neptune generation.
• A monastic movement within modern culture.
• The writer’s life of solitude and why writing can not be ‘taught’.
• Tesher talks about how to launch your own podcast.
• Understanding the need for a tipping point amidst non-stop inspiration.
• Woodruff’s new private report on how to find good astrology.
• Why we can’t lose heart amidst the times we are living.
• Trusting in one’s inner guidance and not outside influence.

You can catch All Things Interesting on the following streaming platforms.

iTunes// Google Play // Libsyn // Spotify// Overcast // Youtube

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