March 03rd, 2019

My New eBook Skywriter: Notes on Modern Astrology Is Ready to Download Today!

“Frederick Woodruff is a lucid thinker and a bad-ass wit, qualities one doesn’t see often in astrological writing. But this guy breaks the mold. He is a gimlet-eyed observer of contemporary culture, with an intelligence that is grounded in erudition and spiritual sophistication. His writing never fails to surprise, to delight and to teach.”

— Jessica Murray, author of Soul-Sick Nation and At the Crossroads

When I launched AstroInquiry ten years ago I took an aim that I would create content that had substance, offered insights and had meat on the bone.

If you’re a reader who has grown bored with the vague, go-nowhere nature of most astrological scribing — New Age jargon cloaked in astrological cliches — then my new book — a collection of some of the most popular essays from AstroInquiry, will interest you.

• Would you like a better understanding of Mercury retrograde — both the astronomical phenomenon and the astrological interpretations of this annual event? Then you’ll enjoy the chapter The Truth About Mercury Retrograde. Find new ways to harness the rich imaginal realm within your unconscious, images that are heightened during the Mercury retrograde cycle. Who cares about lost car keys when the heart of your creative nature beckons?

• How about love? Without question, relationships — especially romance-based — offer great potential for psychological maturity. To understand love is to foster compassion and generosity as well as the excitement of deeper intimacy and sexual communion. You’ll find much to explore in the chapter Secrets of the Heart: Love is an Action Not A Feeling. The chapter opens with one of Rumi’s most beguiling poems and then moves forward from that literary close reading into the mysteries of human relating. A must for the intrepid Hero and Heroine of the Heart. Read more

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December 24th, 2018

New Cosmix: Electropop Christmas


Another mix for the season. These are secular tunes reimagined in 80s UK hip-hop shuffle or electronic framings that skirt close to kitsch but never to the point of conjuring a psychotic break.

Includes clumps of songs reinterpreted by rock pop jazz artists like Dean Martin, Cocteau Twins, Dexter Gordon, Burl Ives, Brenda Lee, Diana Krall, Cynidi Lauper and other giants.

BONUS TRACK for stoners: The mind-altering 46Bliss remix of Mahalia Jackson‘s Silent Night.

Merry Christmas folks!



Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 12.46.42 PM

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December 05th, 2018

Christmas Approaches: Time for the Tarot


As many of my regular readers know, I’ve taken a break from working with the Tarot during our sessions. But: Good news! of the rare sort:

My friend and colleague Glenn Wright (known to longtime Internet Tarot aficionados as Jess Karlin) recently announced that he is offering online Tarot readings.

This is akin to astrologer Liz Greene or Robert Hand offering affordable, instantly accessible, one-on-one astrological sessions via PayPal. Kinda amazing, yes?

Glenn’s Tarot knowledge is encyclopedic–and grounded in years of devotion to the art.

His book Rhapsodies of the Bizarre: Origin of Occult Tarot is the last, great academic study to be published within a niche that’s glutted with goofy post-modern Tarot effluvia.

My own testimonial (and instances of hopping over the “Physician Heal Thyself” aphorism):

I’ve scheduled several readings with Glenn over the year, at critical junctures and, well, the results were so multifaceted it took me a week to unpack all of the layers; though his insights were utterly practical — spot-on and eerily, instantly applicable. Think about that–and then contact Glenn today.

Take command of this unique opportunity now. (And be sure to include your question or ‘issue of interest’ when you place your request).


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June 02nd, 2018

Five Things You Need to Know About Saturn

“The scientific theory I like best is that the
rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage.” –Mark Russell

Saturn has been on my mind this week. Or rather Saturn has been pinging me, tapping my shoulder and nudging my conscience, in the same way, most of us might experience Saturn — which is to say obliquely. From the corner of your eye, in the tractor beam of a projection or a dark figure in a dream.

Most of us have our eye, ear and heart tuned to the frequencies of the other planets and lights: Mercury (planning and conceptualizing), Venus (feeling what we want), Mars (getting what we want), Jupiter (persuing realities beyond the personal). The Moon – what poet Mary Oliver calls the soft animal of your body – is the fluid medium of consciousness and how our instinctive nature compliments the Sun’s ceaseless, live-giving radiance.

But with Saturn we’ve what psychologists call depression. If you tune out your conventional notions about depression and consider the condition in a different light, you will see something like this:

The writer Thomas Moore wrote that depression is an answer — a remedy — to manic hyperactivity, a frantic state reinforced by the constant buzz and hum of our info-glutted age. Feeling low and heavy we are forced to move inward and realign with the natural rhythm of our Earth-based bodies. It creates psychic space, a container for deeper reflection – where sensitivity increases and life events feel less threatening. In our bodies, we access the Earth’s wisdom to maneuver dilemmas. I mean, the Earth’s been doing just that for billions of years.

So when you have a moment this weekend, take some time and consider the following facts, pointers or articles related to Saturn. It benefits each of us to know, consciously, the only planet in the solar system that is associated with, not only lead but also diamonds.

Read more

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May 27th, 2018

Back by Popular Demand! My First Book Secrets of a Telephone Psychic

Many years ago, after moving to Seattle, I decided I never wanted to work for anyone again in my life. So I took a job with a gigantic telephone psychic network, a cultural trend that was incredibly popular at the time. Dionne Warwick’s manager, when I talked to her years later, told me that Dionne made more money from her psychic friends gig than her career as a popular recording artist.

So, yeah, it was another job, but it was a job where I set my hours and hung up on anyone I didn’t like talking to (which was rare, as just about every caller I interacted with was fascinating or at the very least open to some kind of alternative intervention in his or her life).

Anyway, about a year into the job I knew I was in the middle of something extraordinary and strange. And so I wrote a book about it, got an agent and a publisher and, well, I just recently got the rights back to my book and so here it is again, for a new phase of electronic transmission – as an ebook.

The stories in Secrets of a Telephone Psychic are true. Although you won’t believe some of them when you read them. As most of you know, under the guise of anonymity human beings will reveal themselves in ways you’d never imagine possible in a personal exchange. Technology has given the Id free reign (and a voice).

And these revelations were the most fascinating (but sometimes unnerving) aspect of working as a telephone oracle, where only the voice and ears and the ticking timer are your tools of the trade. Well, also horoscopes and tarot cards, but oddly divinatory methods didn’t figure as prominently as talking – and listening. Just look at Freud, he established the entire realm of psychotherapy upon his talking cure.

I’m happy to see my book back into the light of day. I know you’ll enjoy it.


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