February 23rd, 2020

Our Titanic Moment: The US Election of 2020

“The old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a variety of morbid symptoms appears.”

–Antonio Gramsci

I had a dream about the 2020 Presidential election. It involved an iceberg, a ship, and a horoscope.

This article shows how I combined the divinatory art of horary astrology with my active imagination to gain insights and perhaps secrets regarding what is guaranteed to be the most crazy-making election in our lifetime.

But first some back story.

When I teach astrology I have my students learn the basics of horary astrology first.

Horary astrology (oy, I can’t stand that name) allows for a direct hands-on approach for learning the art. When every component of a horoscope corresponds to something literal in one’s life it’s much easier to grasp the applicability and practicality of astrology.

The thesis for horary astrology is this: You ask a question at a particular time and then draw up the horoscope for that exact moment to cull insights or answers by studying the chart.

Did you lose your keys yesterday? Where is Mercury in the horary chart? Should you hire a lawyer? What’s going on with Jupiter and where is the Moon in the chart? The specificity of horary astrology makes it both charming and effective.

My teacher Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson used to say that horary astrology worked because the old Biblical teaching, “Ask and you shall receive” was literal; more than just a platitude.

A question makes its way into our awareness when a corresponding answer accompanies the query. Questions and answers are a kind of polarity. As she noted, “The position of the planets at that moment will reveal the problem, its background, and also its final outcome or answer.”

I utilize horary astrology fairly often but sometimes, as I’ll detail here, I will break from tradition and study the horary horoscope as if it were a dream.

Here is the chart for the moment my question about the 2020 election first appeared: Read more

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February 05th, 2020

All Things Interesting with Tesher Cohen & Me

Last month I was a guest on Tesher Cohen‘s podcast All Things Interesting.

We discussed a slew of topics related to astrology, the Internet, social media and writing, with tips and suggestions from both Tesher and myself as to what works nowadays when you hope to make a mark for yourself in the crowded world of social media and Internet memes.

Here’s a breakdown of what we explored:

• Astrology and the 60s counter-culture.
• Camille Paglia on why astrology is an art.
• Why an astrologer requires a psychological lexicon and the ability to synthesize.

• The archetypes of the Oracle and the Seeker.
• The difficulties the Internet creates for artists and astrologers.
• B.J. Mendelson’s book Social Media is Bullshit.
• Why astrology offers insight into the human condition.
• Commentary on Tesher’s natal chart.
• The Zodiacal wars. And the Zodiac as the Earth’s aura.
• Frederick’s stint as a telephone psychic.
• America’s shadow and Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn.
• Astrology and the Uranus conjunct Neptune generation.
• A monastic movement within modern culture.
• The writer’s life of solitude and why writing can not be ‘taught’.
• Tesher talks about how to launch your own podcast.
• Understanding the need for a tipping point amidst non-stop inspiration.
• Woodruff’s new private report on how to find good astrology.
• Why we can’t lose heart amidst the times we are living.
• Trusting in one’s inner guidance and not outside influence.

You can catch All Things Interesting on the following streaming platforms.

iTunes// Google Play // Libsyn // Spotify// Overcast // Youtube

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January 22nd, 2020

The Search For Meaningful Astrology

I’d like your assistance, please. But first a little backstory.

I clicked into an astrology website recently that touted the astrologer as an “intuitive counselor and Reiki Master” (why is there always some form of Reiki in the mix?)

The astrologer’s experience included a “life long [sic] interest in astrology” and “…several years of studying YouTube videos.” (I suppose the videos were about astrology?) I booked a session with this person instantly.


Recently I appeared on Tesher Cohen‘s podcast All Things Interesting and in the middle of our discussion (which will debut early next month), he asked me what I would recommend for folks who are interested in astrology but don’t know where to find vetted material; be it blogs, videos, or any other media.

Taking his question to heart my brain furiously shifted gears, searching for a meaty recommendation. Instead, I fell into a neti neti sinkhole.

Neti neti is a Vedic method of analysis that means: “Not this, not this, not this…” You keep considering what things aren’t until you faint. If you’re lucky you’ll wake up and have an answer or solution. Neti neti is also associated with via negitiva–a way of describing something by saying what it is not

Anyway, I finally said to Tesher, “Uhm, just have your listeners contact me.” Read more

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January 10th, 2020

Women And Astrology: But Where are the Guys?

When it comes to gender there aren’t many ratio fluctuations within the astrological community. (Mind you, my observations are subjective and based on what I’ve observed in the United States, so there’s my disclaimer.)

Women comprise the largest group of attendees for classes and seminars and conventions. And women hold professional positions more than men, meaning they teach astrology and work full time as astrologers.

A majority of my clients are women, about 90% to be exact. I’d imagine this ratio will evolve now that a kaleidoscopic array of pronouns is available within the culture.

When I started as a student in the mid-70s, the majority of the folks in our class were women. And both of my teachers were women, Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson and Margaret Latvala.

Men back then were usually gay. And almost every guy I interacted with, that was even slightly interested in astrology, was gay as well.

Oddly, the majority of heterosexual men I met were intensely involved with sidereal astrology.

Sidereal astrology’s literal approach to the Zodiac seemed to appeal to the more traditional masculine mindset: Rational, scientific, stubborn and, well, literal.  (Please do not share comments about this post being sexist, I’m proposing an inquiry with different sets of impressions. Mine.)

Speaking of impressions, I’m forever grateful to the colorful tribe of students I studied with in those early years–women and men. An array of eccentrics, many of whom I can still picture as if I’d just seen them yesterday. Read more

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January 02nd, 2020

Connect and Let’s Connect the Dots Together

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Illustration by Ilonka Karasz from William Maxwell’s The Heavenly Tenants (Harpers) 1946

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