October 16th, 2015

Rémi Gaillard & the Beauty of Chaos

Rémi Gaillard is a guy who lost his job as a shoe salesman and then decided to transform the big question mark in his life (as in “What to do next?”) by spreading that question mark all over the world as a culture jammer, (as in people scratching their heads while watching him and asking “What the fuck?)

Think of Rémi like another Banksy but only much more juvenile, a graduate of the Jackass school of agitprop.

Gaillard is a good example of someone taking a scary life event (unemployment) and flipping it into a cue to start doing exactly what he loved most, namely comedy and furries and disturbing the status quo. (Furries? Well, just Google it).

Gaillard’s motto is “C’est en faisant n’importe quoi qu’on devient n’importe qui.”

Translated: “It’s by doing whatever that one becomes whoever.”

I’m needlepointing that into my bedspread right after this post goes live.

As a man interested in comely men, I will vouch, too, for P.E.T.A’s designation of Rémi being one of the sexiest vegetarians on the planet. I’d like to share a tofu burger with him at his earliest convenience.

His natal chart (February 7, 1975 in Montpellier, France — no birth time) shows a not-surprising water trine between Venus and Uranus. Venus (and Mars) in Pisces folks have a strong affinity with animals. Perhaps this is related to the traditional association of the signs Virgo and Pisces (with little and large animals, respectively.) You can think of this signature as someone who loves (Venus) to create chaos (Uranus) by wearing animal (Pisces) costumes. Feel free to add that description to your collection of key phrases for astrological aspects.

Amplifying his comedic nature is Aquarius and Saturn. It might be that Gaillard’s moon resides in Capricorn, too, depending on time of birth, but he’s definitely an Aquarian. And as I remind folks with a strong Saturn or the sign Aquarius exaggerated in their chart: Some of the funniest people in life are Saturnine (dark, sarcastic, often gallows humor-inspired souls) or Aquarian — just loopy peculiar folks, like extraterrestrial walk-ins.

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December 01st, 2008

Pluto in Capricorn (In Case You Were Wondering)

The irony of this spoof video from The Onion wasn’t lost on me when I came across it the other day, just weeks before Pluto made entry into Capricorn.

Take it apart for yourself and you can revel in the loopy literalism of what we’re actually living through as a country right now. Let’s see, a big gaping hole in the earth — that’s easily one of Pluto’s most literal motifs. I always wonder about the horoscopes of those folks you read about in the news where, during harsh weather, giant sinkholes suddenly open up beneath their car (or house) and swallow the thing down completely. You just know they’ve got a heavy Pluto transit going on somewhere in their chart.

And then the Capricorn part of our equation, actually it’s more like Capricorn on Viagra: The government’s absurd notion of a 400 billion dollar “stimulus package” to salvage the US’s economy. This is Capricorn at its most deranged and disassociated from the sign’s ruler — pragmatic Saturn. “Let’s print up a bunch of new money and then we’ll just, well, throw it into a giant hole.” And, as one woman notes in the Onion video, “set it on fire.” Very Pluto. Very nuts. Very now.

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