May 07th, 2011

Astrology 101: Begins May 11 at Vashon Intuitive Arts

“Astrology is a demonstration of the Universe as an intelligence that is constantly spreading communication throughout itself, to its parts.” — Robert Hand

Learing astrology is not difficult. In fact as Plato taught, we never really ‘learn’ anything in life — what we call learning is actually a kind of remembering. A wisdom that is inherent within each of us can be awakened by intention and full-bodied understanding. This means each center within us is involved in the process of remembering: the head, the heart and the hara (the center associated with the belly). It makes sense: when all of you is present, so is the totality of your understanding.

Because astrology is a symbolic language, we begin with its alphabet: the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Each sign of the Zodiac is a particular archetype — or universal style — with a particular function, color, slant and flavor. And as each ‘letter’ is recalled you’re soon able to evoke, read and ‘speak’ the various concepts (the planets, Sun, Moon, angles, and the houses) that comprise the astrological lexicon.

I teach in a very immediate style that involves dialogue exercises and meditations. Again, this is to foster remembering. An example: If you can sense your essential expressions of strength, vigor, and courage then you already know many of the qualities associated with the sign Aries and the planet Mars. Or, when you consider parts of your nature that are supressed, contracted or fearful you would be contemplating issues associated with the planet Saturn. See how it works?

Awaken your inner artist, mystic and poet. Explore the magnificient notion that the terrestial is in constant communication with the celestial, and that each of you has a unique expression within this dance. You can register with me online or call the number listed on the above flyer, which you can download here.

See you in May.

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