January 01st, 2020

Saturn & Pluto Conjunct: And Here We Are


Recent Reader Reviews:
• “Thank you for such an inspirational and perceptive piece of work!” –David. C.
• “I want to call this thorough, but what you’ve compiled is something else entirely. A complete overhaul of Saturn and Pluto. Much to digest. Thank you! –Kathyrn R.
• “Man, you can fucking write. What a wonderful piece.” –Timmy. B.
• “If you like high-end writing and you want a truly original view of this conjunction, order this now.” —Elsa Panizzon
• “Where will this extestential conundrum send us? Frederick Woodruff offers suggestions for each sign.”–Day Keeper Journal
• “One of my favorite astrologers, Woodruff astutely describes how strange and dissonant reality feels right now. By far the best writing on the subject that I have come across.”–Rachel from Aeolian Heart
• “A brilliant essay on the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction, a must-read for serious students.” –Jessica Murray

When people talk to me about their anxiety and anger regarding our current cultural moment, what I hear them say and what I sense beneath their words are two distinctly different things. What creates the disparity?

When we lack the language to describe an experience that is baffling and unprecedented we often defer to the opinion of experts (and blowhards) to mark our way forward. Mistake.

By taking this approach we disconnect from our innate wisdom, a type of inner guidance that is not dependent on generalized observations. A response that is grounded in our immediate experience. A response that arises from our instinctive understanding, independent of outside influence.

Astrology can assist with this process.  Astrology offers us a more encompassing view; a view that takes us out of the heated moment and allows us to consider events from within the context of epic-stretching cosmic cycles.

And it is this perspective that I’ve attempted to outline in my new private report on the upcoming Saturn Pluto conjunction; an astrological event that will ricochet through the new year and deep into the new decade. You can order your copy now.

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