February 21st, 2021

AstroInquiry is now WOODRUFF

As of early 2021, I have shifted my writing endeavors from my website AstroInquiry to the WOODRUFF newsletter on Substack.

Most likely, you’re looking for astrological content that’s off the beaten path. Great! You’ll find it on WOODRUFF: Articles and deep-dive essays like:

• Is Astrology Making You Crazy?

• Charisma: What’s YOUR Quota?

• Pluto Enters Crazy-Town

• Saturn: The Work and The Love

• Nonsense & Malaise: Astrological Insights for Maneuvering the Hive

• When Mars Turns Against You—Uh oh!

• The 12th House: Astrology’s House of the Rising Sun

• Bad Astrology is Everywhere 

• Time to Talk About Trump (with astrologer Jessica Murray

• A.E. Waite’s Vision: Two Tarots to Rule Them All

• Falling in Love With Time

Are you ready? Join my tribe of 2,800+ subscribers, you’ll enjoy the ride.


“FREDERICK IS A LUCID THINKER and a bad-ass wit, qualities one doesn’t see often in astrological writing. He’s a gimlet-eyed observer of contemporary culture, with an intelligence that is grounded in erudition and spiritual sophistication. His writing never fails to surprise, to delight and to teach.”  — Jessica Murray, author of Soul-Sick Nation and At the Crossroads.

“FREDERICK WOODRUFF is like a four-dimensional eyeball capable of not just understanding and interpreting bodies in space, but translating their movements into the entire socio-political, psychological zeitgeist.” —Cintra Wilson, author of Fear and Clothing, Unbuckling American Style

“FREDERICK IS A SAGE with a wise and awake worldview who demystifies the abstract and opens doors of new astrological perception. His Substack columns are the only thing I read as soon as they’re published.” —Ronnie Grishman, Editor Emeritus Dell Horoscope

“ALWAYS FULL OF SURPRISES, Frederick Woodruff knows how to deliver a rip-roaring read. His depth, integrity, and kindness mark him as a keen astrologer and wonderfully gifted guide.” — Debbi Kempton-Smith author of Secrets From a Stargazer’s Notebook

WOODRUFF is a longtime astrologer—practicing what would be considered psychological-spiritual astrology—and although he identifies himself as a ‘skeptical mystic,’ my best attempt at defining his style is that he writes as a post-intellectual, post-conceptual, back-to-the-precious-human-body, direct-personal-experience kind of guy.” —Mary Plumb, The Mountain Astrologer

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