Some of My Clients Share Their Experience

Rachel Funk Heller • Writer • Social Alchemy • Honolulu, HI.

I would echo what so many others have said, Frederick is the consummate astrologer. His knowledge base is vast, and yet he helps you to focus on your current circumstances. When I work with him, he never takes the Saturnian “I’m the authority here” stance at all. He speaks with you as a trusted friend who is on your side and really wants the best for you. He guides you to ask, to voice, the big burning question that you may not want to ask. But, when you do voice it, he is right there to help show you how that question is reflected in your chart. And he does it all with heart, compassion, and a whole lot of pizazz. What more can you ask for in an astrologer?

Tara Snowden • Artist • I Like Scissors • Vashon, WA.

I love working with Frederick because the sessions are about me! I love things that are about me. My stars, my life, my wonderfulness, my issues (by the way what did we call our issues before we started using the word issues for our issues?). I find Frederick brilliant, he marries a great intuitive gift to a considerable intellect; oh yes, and he actually listens, and he truly seems to give a shit about what you’re saying; and honestly, I’d be a fool to argue with his approach because I think he said I had something going for me, like I had some sort of prospects in life, like maybe I could have a positive impact, or influence, or something, which I am now using to tell you to work with Frederick. Also, when you see him, offer to buy him a drink.

John Sullivan • • Los Angeles, CA.

“Frederick doesn’t offer quick, digestible thumbnails when interpreting your horoscope, so be prepared to invest some time in your process with him. It’s worth it. I recommend his ‘4 sessions series work’ to benefit from his approach to astrology and dream work. It will surprise you. As a triple Scorpio I’m not easily understood by others, but Frederick was able to ‘get’ me right away. He offered solid support and an active, creative dialogue from which I discovered my ‘true north’. From there it was easy to see any obstacles and the best way to overcome them. If you are interested in going deep, wide and far into the inner workings of your psyche I highly recommend working with Frederick.”

Anne Hoff • Whole-Body Integration • Seattle, WA.

“Frederick is a consummate astrologer. ‘Consummate’ from the Latin consummates, ‘perfected, complete’ — meaning he has put in the years needed to master this ancient art and science and make it his own. His let’s-plumb-the-depths-of-your-soul approach works because it comes from someone who has gone to the depths himself, and can communicate from that level. I find his insights compelling and his take on astrology fresh and totally contemporary.”

John Calendo • • New York, NY.

“What I like about Frederick’s sessions is that they’re straight-forward and practical. If I find something a bit too metaphysical or airy, Frederick will break it down into useful, real-world specifics. (As an earthy Capricorn, I don’t do airy well.) Frederick’s sessions are rounded out by his knowledge of modern psychology, dream analysis, the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff and of course traditional astrology. Combine all of that with the day to day experience of being a full-time astrological counselor and he brings a tremendous amount of insight to the table. As he notes on his website, he does not predict the future; instead he examines the full depth of what is manifesting now. He’s someone who can call the shots on one’s life from a clear, cosmic perspective — and that can do wonders clearing the messes away.”

Vedika Dietrich • • Seattle, WA.

“Frederick’s a seasoned astrologer but also a philosopher, an artist, a psychic, and a psychologist, with a view that always references the present moment. He has one eye on the psyche, one eye on the world at large, his third eye on the cosmos, and both feet smack on the ground. Therefore, in my experience, you get a panoramic view of your whole enchilada when you engage his services. I would recommend Frederick to anyone wanting probing, sensitive yet sharp and honest reflection on any aspect of life. A session with him is like sitting down with a close friend who also happens to be a master of his craft.”

Robert Smith • Honolulu, HI.

“Frederick can turn a simple conversation into focused inquiry, which is a powerful method to explore what motivates your ideals and ambitions. As he’s shared with me often: Formulating the right question opens the way to an effective answer. Why do you want a particular job or relationship? Is your relationship only about security or is there genuine compatibility between you? Are you trapped in a breakdown or moving towards a breakthrough? These are the questions Frederick leads you through and explores. I’ve experienced his astrological wisdom combined with ongoing dream work to be insightful and helpful. I urge anyone who has questions about finding a new career or the desire to prevent another romance from going south to let Frederick open things up, clear the fog and assist in setting a clear course forward.”

Sarita Chawla • San Rafael, CA.

Sessions with Frederick reopened me to my rich world of dreams and what lies beneath the conscious. I am discerning patterns that fuel and illuminate my inquiry. Adding the context of planetary influences in my unfoldment connect me to the vaster, mysterious dance of life. Being witnessed while in a dialectic enriches the field. Thank you Frederick!

Laura L. • Houston, TX.
“Working with Frederick is not for the faint of heart. His sessions are no-nonsense and cut straight to the heart of an issue. If you tend to ignore the messy and stay superficial, Frederick will see through your pontificating and guide you back to the core of your inquiry. This is no simple talk therapy. He helps you do the real work necessary to align with your higher calling. Each session is like a chapter in the heroine’s journey — you may transform lead to gold or confront a demon. While astrology underpins Frederick’s method, his sessions are about much more than transits. He will hold the space for you, encouraging and making room in a nurturing and loving way so you can look directly at the calcified structures holding you back.”

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