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“In order to know the future it is necessary first to know the present in all its details, as well as to know the past. Today is what it is because yesterday was what it was. And if today is like yesterday, tomorrow will be like today. If you want tomorrow to be different, you must make today different. If today is simply a consequence of yesterday, tomorrow will be a consequence of today in exactly the same way. And if one has studied thoroughly what happened yesterday, the day before yesterday, a week ago, a year, ten years ago, one can say unmistakably what will and what will not happen tomorrow.” — G.I. Gurdjieff In Search of the Miraculous

The writer Annie Dillard once wrote: “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

If you survey the 24 hours that comprise your day and then imagine yourself stretching those 24 hours out to span your allotted time on earth (however long or short that might be at this point) you’ll have a near-perfect representation of how the rest of your life will unfold and what the ‘future’ holds for you.

I know — it’s alarming. Why is that?

Well, because most of us live half-lives that repeat and recirculate our life force as a way to maintain stasis, safety and security.

Regardless of how ‘busy’ you appear, in the end, your day begins to resemble the day prior and the day that will follow. Even if you feel miserable, at least you’re familiar with your misery. The ego is peculiar that way, as the Tibetan Buddhist teacher Chögyam Trungpa pointed out:

“One of the main occupations of the ego seems to be creating confusion. And we are willing to stick to this confusion and make it a habitual pattern of everyday life. We do this because confusion provides a tremendously stable ground to sink into. Confusion also provides a way of occupying oneself.”

The reasons for this situation are complex, but the ways of unraveling the condition are not. I specialize in three of them:

• Inquiry.

• Process-oriented astrology.

• Dream work.

How can inquiry, astrology and dreams assist you?
Inquiry is effective when it is open-ended, when the field (the energetic force between two or more people) is based on not-knowing. This is a rare condition to experience because people have lost the art of talking and listening, and more importantly the art of asking genuine questions. Once engaged, active inquiry invites guidance. A quality of guidance that’s free from the ego’s agenda. Guidance that is in accord with your particular questions.

Stars Above, A Star Below

A horoscope is a neutral snapshot of a particular astronomical moment in time. But it is relevant to you, as a unique being, because — yes, it suggests clues and hints related to potentialities — but more importantly as you engage with the astrological logos (the living presence of the solar system) your consciousness deepens. Astrology’s logos awakens a palpable sense of the universal expressing itself through a particular — and that particular would be you.

After 40-plus years of working with thousands of clients and studying their horoscopes, I can assure you that there are no benefic or malefic planets; nor are there planetary aspects or horoscopic houses that are blessed or evil, better or worse. Your birth chart is 100% perfect; it is a sacred mandala that marks your exact arrival into this particular time-sphere, and it should be honored as such. And I do.

Life is But A Dream

Dream work is different from dream analysis or interpretation, the later is a passive engagement that can be helpful but is limited in that it distances you from the living experience of your dream. Yes, certain hints and clues arise from dreams, but dream work awakens you to what Arnold Mindell calls 24 hour lucid dreaming.

With lucid dreaming you’re aware that everything and everyone in life is part of an interminable dream flow. The dream flow reveals how the tree you dreamed about last night is also dreaming you. There aren’t separate distinct ‘things’ within the dream field, all are part and parcel what different traditions have called the Tao or the Primal Force or the Prime Mover — or what physicists consider as quantum wave functions. The name or term isn’t important, but the felt experience is.

I just call it ‘engaged non-doing’ and then let the mind have a meltdown as it tries to unravel that koan. Because the mind is never really satisfied with explanations (when they come from outside sources), I advocate whatever works to generate a felt recognition of true nature, ‘true nature’ as ‘what is’ free of concepts or ideologies. This experience is then your own personal ‘seeing’, or understanding — and that means the world to your soul.

Engaged non-doing is a condition each of us suspects, in our heart of hearts, but have lost contact with. Inquiry, process-based astrology and dream work can reawaken this connection — and then, well, each day is a surprise, a new version of the ‘un-manifest manifesting’ — a mystery that is both felt and lived. You can finally relax.

How We Will Work

Our initial session is 70-minutes and includes:

• An introductory ritual to establish the field, via presence. This involves a sitting practice — a short two-minute grounding meditation.

• Dialogue that explores your natal horoscope. This includes planetary progressions and transits relevant to your inquiry. This discussion involves questions and answers but also awareness practice where chart elements are sensed somatically. The Sun, Moon and planets are living beings, not gaseous balls or rocks floating in space. Our relationship to them is symbolically displayed in the horoscope but active inquiry awakens your living relationship to the cosmos through sense perception; this can make all the difference in how you relate to your natal chart.

• Establishing the dream field. An initiatory dream is not necessary for our first session, but time is allotted for dream work should you have a particular dream you’d like to explore, even if it’s a dream from your past. Dream time is beyond consensus reality time-keeping. Every dream is living, sometimes waiting years for you to revisit and re-enliven its story.

• This initial session sets the foundation for subsequent sessions. We may not like working with each other, or we’ll discover that the alchemy of our relationship is a good match for further inquiry and schedule accordingly.

Other Stuff

My preferred method of working with clients is through a sequential series. These 50-minute sessions (a minimum of four, booked at one time) are scheduled weekly or bi-monthly. This option will be considered after the initial session takes place. See my note above about affinity.

Inquiry and dream work require a particular flow and rhythm that involves time, pause, engagement and recapitulation. Most of my clients find this method of working — through sequential sessions — to be the most effective.

For returning clients that would like to arrange a periodic ‘check in’ related to their chart and dream material, I do offer a one-time rate that is listed below as ‘subsequent single sessions’.

All of my work is confidential and limited to a small number of clients at one time. I specialize in working with individuals who are interested in awakening and amplifying their already-engaged spiritual or creative processes.

I do not practice predictive astrology. Predictions rob you of the opportunity that allowing for uncertainty involves. Uncertainty is our natural condition. The ego doesn’t like it, but your being-ness does. Understanding the anxiety around uncertainty is helpful and initiates change. It’s a peculiar equation; but the more you’re at peace with the unknown, the sooner an insight or an impetus appears — often through your dreams or within the inquiry session itself. We’ll just have to see.

Generally, I am booked out several weeks in advance, but feel free to call or email me to see what session times I have available.

All consultations take place via audio-only Skype or the telephone or in person, at my home, on Vashon Island.

Please familiarize yourself with The Small Print, listed below, regarding missed sessions and rescheduling procedure.

My fee structure for 2018:

Further questions?

Should the above payment method not be convenient for you, arrangements can be made via PayPal or a payment made via check by post, prior to our scheduled session.

Although I am not always available for immediate consultations, I’m always interested in talking with folks about how me might work together in the future.

You can email me via this page to schedule your initial session.

I look forward to hearing from you,


Frederick Woodruff

The Fine Print:

Here is my policy re canceling a booked session or missing a booked session time.

• My ‘missed session’ fee is 50% of the session rate, depending on what format we are working with for your inquiry work.

• I require 48 hours notice for a session shift or rebooking.

• Thank you for your understanding.


Opening collage, Worlds Unknown, by Trashriot.
Art work displayed behind pricing options: Svanen (The Svan), No. 17, Group IX, Series SUW, by Hilma af Klint.


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