April 05th, 2020

COVID-19 and Star-Making Machinery

Right now there’s a fascinating lure at play where celebrities and self-declared geniuses and gurus and guides have decided to band together and offer the plebs of the world a chance for — if not greatness — at least a shot at elevated mediocrity.

So lately, I guess with everyone trapped at home with COVID-19, my newsfeed on Facebook is clogged with advertisements from aforementioned folks offering masterclasses on writing, acting, cooking, gardening, home decoration, and the most egregious ‘class’ of all — some Tony Robbins-like guy teaching you how to blowhard.

I’m intrigued, not so much about the curriculums but more the rationale within our zeitgeist. (Though why RuPaul — my favorite Scorpio in the world — wants me wearing a suit and tie to assure my success I will never understand).

Jupiter is in Virgo in my natal chart.

Jupiter in Virgo tends to spice up the usual attributes associated with the sign, characteristics assigned to Mercury’s rulership of Virgo.

So Jupiter in Virgo is more about illumination rather than mercurial-inspired explanations. And this comes in handy should someone have Jupiter in Virgo and is also an astrologer because he or she can wrangle the amorphic realm of the imaginal into something sensible for the client.

And my clients will, if asked, attest to this I’d imagine.

As a kid, I would much rather have someone tell me a story about or watch a video about how something worked than read an instruction manual. I always lost those manuals whenever they arrived (Mars in Pisces) and then I’d find a friend who was good at this or that to demonstrate for me how it worked. Sort of a Tom Sawyer approach, but I dunno, there’s only so much time on the planet; why not just absorb something visually if that’s your mode of learning?

As noted: I interpret horoscopes in this visual way too — working directly with the imagination and somatic responses as they are illuminated for my client. You can book a session with me to see what I’m talking about.

And so anyway, I’m curious about these very visual-based masterclasses, as ‘taught’ by people who seem to have a strong command of the workings of the imaginal level.

I’m struck too, by the timing of their arrival and how it corresponds to Jupiter’s current transit through Capricorn. Capricorn (mastery) and exalted learning (Jupiter).

(Also the transit is conjunct Pluto right now too, so someone is making a shitload of money through marketing mastery).

But will they offer illumination or just more explanations about how someone who isn’t you does something that you don’t do but you want to start doing should you ever leave your home again?

What do you think of these masterclasses?

Do you think you’d benefit from these classes?

And do you plan on signing up for any of them?

More importantly: Where in the fuck is John Waters?

Let me know over on Facebook.

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