April 14th, 2020

Saturn’s Cycle, COVID-19 and You

Consider the following if you are attempting to adjust to what’s to come during the rest of your year:

Phase 1: Saturn retrogrades back towards the COVID Chernobyl zone on May 11th, right when the great and powerful ruler of Oz wants Americans out and about — working and wining and dining and experiencing the angst from witnessing early mortalities.

Phase 2: Saturn officially re-enters Capricorn on July 3, just in time for the 4th of July and the urge to gather in crowds and watch faux bombs bursting in the air while moisture particles sneezed into the air carry the actual detonations.

Phase 3: Possibly a second wave of COVID accelerates when Saturn stations direct near Pluto on October 5.

When clients ask me about the COVID cycle, viewed astrologically, I offer the above dates. Not as a prediction but as a high probability of movements within the cycle.

Saturn is such a keen barometer of the human life span, it’s why I make the planet’s transits my primary guide for pinpointing direct solutions re any particular conundrum a client comes to me with.

You can follow Saturn around the wheel of your chart and note where you are located as an entity within our collective hallucination — the realm of cultural visibility (or obscurity).

Are you riding the wheel of fortune skyward, or descending to regroup and rework your act before taking it out on the road again?


Because Saturn marks the beats as it turns and grinds the gears, bringing life up and taking life down. Consider the US’s horoscope and the horrors of our impeached ruler.

As soon as Trump was elected Saturn started crawling toward the hell zone of America’s birth chart — after crossing the country’s Sagittarius ascendant.

Each of us plays a role in the stage set of life. Where is Saturn transiting on your wheel? How are you situated in the particular Zeitgeist?

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