April 08th, 2020

Goodbye to the Beauty…Here Comes the Beast

Yeah, so I swore a moratorium on any more political posts because — well, SANITY. Too, I’d written the mother of imaginal predicting here.

But today’s such a significant milestone — both literally and symbolically.

Bernie Sanders has pulled the plug.

Friends who have waited for this moment texted me excitedly, that now, finally, the nation can really get down to the business — uninterrupted — of defeating Donald Trump.

Yes, right — should George Romero still be alive and able to direct some necromantic process that would re-animate Joe Biden‘s corpse.

Sorry, as my mom used to say, but: “There — I said it.”

I know it’s verboten now to cast shade on this dadgummit fabulous front runner, but bitch — puh-leeeeeeeeeeze. Seriously? The Dems and their delusions of grandeur.

Part of what doubly depresses me while watching Trump doing his daily COVID-19 press briefings is that on a symbolic level, save for Andrew Cuomo in NY, there is no push back on the imaginal level, that picture-making, animal-centered part of our brain — from where 90% of the population makes decisions and casts votes.

This is why, Maestro of Mayhem that he is, Trump preens atop his coronavirus briefing numbers, comparing the high ratings to our culture’s most significant offerings to the Western canon: The Bachelor and the Super Bowl.

David Talbot summed it all up this morning in his latest post:

“I now feel an even deeper unease about the November election. Bernie’s ideas might be the future of the party — under a younger leader like AOC — but the here and now is the deeply underwhelming establishment choice, Joe Biden. The presumptive Democratic nominee reeks of the party old guard that has never figured out Trump’s appeal or what hit them in 2016.”

Goodbye Bernie, I’m afraid your Virgo Sun did what Virgos tend to do best — influence and guide from a less searing place — removed from the glaring spotlight of American feudalism and it’s virally encroaching dystopia.

What do you think? Good, bad, or gonna get ugly — in November. Transmit your wisdom on my Facebook page.

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