April 11th, 2020

All Things Interesting with Tesher Cohen & Me

Recently I was a guest on Tesher Cohen‘s podcast All Things Interesting.

We discussed a slew of topics related to astrology, the Internet, social media and writing, with tips and suggestions from both Tesher and myself as to what works nowadays when you hope to make a mark for yourself in the crowded world of social media and Internet memes.

Here’s a breakdown of what we explored:

• Astrology and the 60s counter-culture.
• Camille Paglia on why astrology is an art.
• Why an astrologer requires a psychological lexicon and the ability to synthesize.

• The archetypes of the Oracle and the Seeker.
• The difficulties the Internet creates for artists and astrologers.
• B.J. Mendelson‘s book Social Media is Bullshit.
• Why astrology offers insight into the human condition.
• Commentary on Tesher’s natal chart.
• The Zodiacal wars. And the Zodiac as the Earth’s aura.
• Frederick’s stint as a telephone psychic.
• America’s shadow and Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn.
• Astrology and the Uranus conjunct Neptune generation.
• A monastic movement within modern culture.
• The writer’s life of solitude and why writing can not be ‘taught’.
• Tesher talks about how to launch your own podcast.
• Understanding the need for a tipping point amidst non-stop inspiration.
• Woodruff’s new private report on how to find good astrology.
• Why we can’t lose heart amidst the times we are living.
• Trusting in one’s inner guidance and not outside influence.

You can catch All Things Interesting on the following streaming platforms.

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