January 22nd, 2020

The Search For Meaningful Astrology

I’d like your assistance, please. But first a little backstory.

I clicked into an astrology website recently that touted the astrologer as an “intuitive counselor and Reiki Master” (why is there always some form of Reiki in the mix?)

The astrologer’s experience included a “life long [sic] interest in astrology” and “…several years of studying YouTube videos.” (I suppose the videos were about astrology?) I booked a session with this person instantly.


Recently I appeared on Tesher Cohen‘s podcast All Things Interesting and in the middle of our discussion (which will debut early next month), he asked me what I would recommend for folks who are interested in astrology but don’t know where to find vetted material; be it blogs, videos, or any other media.

Taking his question to heart my brain furiously shifted gears, searching for a meaty recommendation. Instead, I fell into a neti neti sinkhole.

Neti neti is a Vedic method of analysis that means: “Not this, not this, not this…” You keep considering what things aren’t until you faint. If you’re lucky you’ll wake up and have an answer or solution. Neti neti is also associated with via negitiva–a way of describing something by saying what it is not

Anyway, I finally said to Tesher, “Uhm, just have your listeners contact me.”

He asked for more details and I explained that I’d been working on a new private report that will assist the novice astrologer or curious student with their search.

I don’t mean literal reviews or pointers like, “Go to this astrology school or teacher” (I’d never be so presumptive unless I myself had attended the school or knew the teacher.) But more, something in line with neti neti, solutions related to what the novice or seeker doesn’t want, doesn’t need and shouldn’t give her vital force to.

When it comes to the Internet that’s primarily what happens to the benighted: Energy loss and brain drain. Not to mention lost time and money. And, ultimately, astrology loses too, perhaps what could have been a sincere student, adherent or advocate.

And yes, of course, I’m aware that high-quality, upstanding astrologers and astrological schools exist and can be discovered online. But you know the drill: those individuals or enterprises are often lost within the subpar crap that clogs search engines and social media feeds.

Anyway, I said at the start that I needed your help. Here’s how:

Every accomplished astrologer or student astrologer has had experiences or ‘ah-ha’ moments that left a strong impression on her soul; experiences that were key in her process towards a greater understanding of astrology. Not so much specific teachers or books but self-realizations that made a difference in her relationship to the art.

And that is what I’m looking to include in my new private report. And should you wish to share, I would very much value your suggestions and points of view.

If you’d enjoy participating please fill out this quick survey over on Google. It should take just a couple of minutes.

Think about it, not only will future astrologers be grateful, but astrology itself, as a living logos will have been, to quote Debbie Harry, …”touched by your presence.”

Thank you!

P.S. And be sure to follow Tesher’s podcast for an update for when our discussion debuts. He’s interviewed an array of artists, creators, activists, and writers–really truly interesting people.

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