November 19th, 2019

Leo vs. Capricorn Views: R.I.P. Terry O’Neill

One of the last truly great images of Hollywood glam-o-rama is Terry O’Neill‘s shot of Faye Dunaway, post-dawn, lolling at the Beverly Hills Hotel’s pool, after winning an Oscar for Network.

Obviously, no one went to bed the night prior.

O’Neill’s ebulient, future-leaning Leo take:

“I always wanted to capture what it felt like the next day… I wanted to capture the moment it all sinks in, that your asking price has just skyrocketed and you can have any role in the world. I wanted to capture the morning after.”

Dunaway’s, melancholic, shadowy Capricorn take:

“In Terry’s picture, success is a solitary place to be…in my life, it has been the same … One of Terry’s favorite films is Sweet Smell of Success. Like the film, what Terry managed to capture in the shot was the emptiness of it all.”


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