October 28th, 2015

New Cosmix: Autumn 2 Winter 2015


Autumn on the islands that dot the Puget Sound is particularly wistful.

Fog floats inland frequently from the bay — shifting the terrain’s palette dramatically. The red and yellow foliage are made doubly loud atop grey mist.

 The damp ground littered with gorgeous debris. It’s epic.

Fall’s the season that reminds you of how everything — once present — is passing away; you’ve limited time — the impermanence of The Ten Thousand Things.

Winter and summer arrive like well-defined stage sets. Static in a way. Spring works subtly on the part of our nature that leans towards hope, a new tomorrow, love affairs, cleaner homes, it’s easier to take for granted. Summer is really hot.

But autumn. It will mess with your head.

My new Cosmix leans into the melancholy but also pulls back enough to offer a shock or two along the way. It’s a bit like tantra — lots of rubbing and then moments of release which explains how Gorgon City‘s Fuck the Pain Away made it into the melange.

I was drawn to female vocalists this season. And so pop-ups from Kate Bush, Jackie DeShannon, Agnes Obel and Sade dot this soundscape. Sade’s Bullet Proof Soul is one of the most fearless songs in the history of unrequited love songs. Gets me every time.









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