September 28th, 2012

The Second Phase of the Pluto Uranus Standoff

“All things must change to something new, to something strange.”
— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The cosmic gyre has finally converged into the crazy-bubble zone of the Uranus Pluto square. Astrologers have been yapping about this aspect, anticipating its alignment for decades and guess what? It’s finally here. The second of seven passes between the two titans began last week.

Here is some information to consider related to what I call astrological optimization: Ways in which you become a participant with this evolutionary event.

Get off of your ass and commence, continue or complete the big creative project you’ve been incubating for the past several years. To not engage will court difficulties. Why? Well that involves:

The rotting floorboards. This could mean that you’re (literally) running out of time (aging and nearing lift off), you feel like you’re running out of time (even though you’re young and just wasting time) or — congratulations — you’ve slipped completely off of the reality grid. You’re this generation’s new frontrunner!

Perhaps you don’t know how to generate enthusiasm amidst uncertainty. To complicate things your survival button is stuck on red alert. Addressing this involves commencing a fresh creative enterprise or committing to a process of therapy or counseling. (Yes, I’m serious.)

Regardless your age: The old feels suffocating, but the new is frightening and you’ve considered becoming agoraphobic. This dichotomy can be solved. But how? Email me and we’ll book a session. Inquiry will allow you to:

1. Become participatory with your dreams. Dreaming becomes passive when you’re disinterested and not tracking its symbols. Become involved and the unconscious is your ally.

2. Unhinge. It’s time to echo the Uranus in Aries part of the cosmic equation: Risk your ‘reputation,’ brazen up and stop taking any shit. Find ways to short circuit your inner critic’s tape loop. Time is ticking, honey. You aren’t getting any younger, though wisdom and beauty are within your grasp.

3. And finally, we’ll discuss what sort of work you $hould capitalize on as the reality matrix unravels: That would relate to Pluto’s grind through Capricorn (for another 20 years or so). This is the transit that highlights the Japenese art of Wabi-sabi. Life/living as the art of impermanence. Can you dig it?

Good luck!

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