March 11th, 2009

Full Moon Watch: Friction Bears Fruit


So last night’s full moon in Virgo should, finally, have indicated for each of us specifically (does Virgo work any other way?) what our ‘task at hand’ is all about. The particulars, the players involved, the level of energy that we have to work with (and there should be quite a lot for each of us).

I’ve been advising clients to pay close attention during the three days following this lunation: a central puzzle piece is clarifying. And simply registering this, having a glimpse should go a long way to establish a sense of order, will provide a level of clarity, trust and an opportunity to settle amidst the chaotic dénouement we’re moving through, collectively speaking.

This is the first full moon to touch off the epic Uranus Saturn opposition. Sure, we know all the keywords and concepts for those two titans’ unfriendly nexus, but when the sun and moon land on a planetary aspect we get a visceral sense of what, exactly, is perturbating. It’s like a huge spotlight is illuminating every nook and cranny for us right now.

The full moon should have focused and brought forth at least one specific event for each of us last night. Be it a relationship issue, a prophetic dream, a financial resolution, a revelation related to one’s health. Also, and most importantly, there is a chance to see what, exactly, our frustration and sense of restriction is trying to birth.

Meditate on this thought: without the friction, without the feeling of confinement and the ensuing pressure that builds, we wouldn’t be compelled to move, commence anything new. The Uranus in Pisces tug of war with Saturn corresponds with hidden artistic visions that haven’t enough muster or audacity to challenge the old order yet. They’re too scattershot. More writhing and burning is needed. Think of it from a tantric point of view. Without the rubbing and thrusting, coupled with periods of stillness, there’s no orgasm at the finale.

Uranus is the great accelerator. Goading, agitating, poking and stoking wherever he passes. So, in Pisces our dreams are inchoate, unable to congeal into a cohesive narrative. Visions are struggling to align with the level of discipline that Saturn in Virgo is forging.

Observe your Virgo friends right now, or folks with Virgo amplified in their chart, they are the men and women who are finding a way to turn off the whining and dig in with gusto. I love the Virgonian work ethic, which essentially is this: “While you’re sitting there bitching about stuff I’m going to make something, do something creative. Even if it’s just cleaning out the refrigerator. And when I’m done with that I’m going to write a song.” Along with the Sagittarians, Virgos are the idealists of the zodiac. The difference is that Virgos actually get off their ass and do things. Sagittarius talks big, but like the other fire signs, they rarely get down in the trenches and contend with the ‘small stuff.’

So grab a mop (or a paint brush or a poet’s pen) and get busy. Re-read the Cinderalla tale and remember how it all turned out for her in the end.

Opening illustration: Odilon Redon. The Egg, 1885.

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