November 27th, 2008

New Moon Watch: Truth-Telling & Prescient Dreams

Don’t waste the clarity and prescience of today’s lunation: A new moon in Sagittarius combined with a dynamic Mars Mercury conjunction, a combination that turns up the power of prophecy. If only for a millisecond, catch a glimpse of what lies ahead for you, beyond your normal event horizon, during the upcoming year.

Dreams will be quick, cogent and hectic during the next three nights; flashing glimpses, too, of new paths, new approaches, new peers and helpmates. Take notes. Follow closely.

Be prepared for truth-telling throughout the biosphere as politicians are forced into disclosures. Meanwhile the zealots, imploding on their anger and resentment, set retaliatory moves into high gear. Red alert during your meal tonight as grandma’s wine-buzz helps her cuts loose with some inflammatory family secrets.

If you’ve felt foggy, uncertain about a particular viewpoint or relationship, use the new moon alliance to cut through the bullshit and clarify what’s been so sketchy since the Neptune-infused full moon from two weeks back. Ask for and offer facts.

Jupiter, the lunation’s ruler is near Venus in Capricorn and this brings sobriety without killing the enthusiasm necessary to meet, with courage, Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn (where he will stay for the next 23 years!)

Capricorn represents how we accrue and solidfy life experience into a vocation and defense structure. It’s where we locate ourselves in the larger world matrix, through our work and status, and feel safe — in control. But Pluto has a purging and burning effect, taking down and apart whatever components hinder the evolutionary process.

Familiar ways of holding ground — shoring ourselves — are about to be slowly, almost imperceptibly dismantled. This might sound good and fine, except Pluto’s manner of undermining is impersonal and rather bleak. Get ahead of the punch and use today’s gift of prophecy to put together your own plan for conscious catharsis. You know what has got to go. So list it.

Pluto’s shift into Capricorn ups the pressure to align with a higher will or ‘power’, as they call it in 12 Step. Perhaps you’ll begin to feel a kind of weight on your soul as Pluto shifts into the heaviest of the earth signs. The occulist Dion Fortune once described the registration of God’s presence in one’s life as a sense of constant ‘pressure.’ And with Pluto in the sign of the embodied Father/God archetype, we will feel the pressure to put ourselves into alignment. “Thy will, not mine.” It’s the slow trudge as we slouch our way towards Bethlehem. But what’s to be born?

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