October 17th, 2013

Freedom is Life without a Narrative

Two writers present two points of view on a single theme. David Shields writes:

“There isn’t any story. It’s not the story. It’s just this breathtaking world–that’s the point. The story’s not important; what’s important is the way the world looks. That’s what makes you feel stuff. That’s what puts you there.”

And seemingly just back home from a walk, Bernard Cooper answers:

“Why just yesterday I was lamenting all these things when I saw a stream of black birds soaring over the city. Endless they were, like winged pieces of letters, like a moving sign in Times Square, heraldic and quick and colossal. Except that a message never appeared. Their transmigration riddled the sky.”

Photograph by Masahisa Fukase from The Solitude of Ravens

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