September 14th, 2008

September 15 Full Moon Watch: Tune in and Blow Out

Pisces offers two modes of expression: victim or redeemer.

As the last sign of the zodiac Pisces has all the residue, all the trials and tribulations of the other eleven signs pressing down upon it. This can make natives of this sign feel beleaguered, spent and used. A victim.

Those aligned with the redemptive qualities of the sign, Pisces’ role as saviour, have found a way to skip the drama and catch glints of the new that are inherent within the sign. Pisces is the threshold for an entirely new cycle about to unfurl around the zodiac, being the sign that proceeds Aries — the sign initiating spring.

So there’s a seeming choice, although with the fish — with their tails forever tied together — there’s always a little bit of the victimizing victim about the archetype — a kind of spiritual S&M, the way Pisceans learn to appreciate power and how to wield it, that’s hard to escape. Healthy Pisceans learn to live with this dichotomy and shift the victim role into a victorious countervailing beam of light. Pointing the way for the befuddled masses who seem to think that life is anything but the poetic mixture that it is; neither all good or all bad, but always a mixture. Pisces is about learning to live and be complete with the mixture. They do this with art, music, poetry, beauty and their biggest gift: compassion. Or by completely rearranging our view of the universe, ala Albert Einstein, a famous Piscean.

Today’s full moon in Pisces is almost Shakespearean on the drama meter. The lunation is conjunct Uranus and square Pluto. I read it like this: the shock of the new illuminates everything that is stagnant, stuck or resistant within our psychic field — light the pyre. It’s the sort of amalgam of forces that wrought Mary Shelley‘s Frankenstein. There’s no way towards the light but in through the dark. One must fully animate and see all the aspects, the entire mixture of qualities that compose what is dead and spent; acknowledge it, honor it — and then…well we’ll see. That’s the Pluto angle. There is the opportunity, via the Uranian conjunction, to explode out the entire life form — allowing it to die completely. Pisces is about end days. We need to get with that program during this full moon.

So, best advice: Scan. Tune in. Where’s the self-deception (a big Piscean theme), the avoidance, the defense that plays out via helplessness. Where’s the jam-up? Where are we cheating? In other words, how are we lying to ourselves and what are those lies attempting to shore up? That’s what Uranus will zero in on during this lunation and what Pluto will kill off. We can flip this, too, and say: where is the hidden talent, the missed opportunity that needs a second chance, the unfulfilled promise? Gifts waiting to be galvanized.

Self-deluded victim or self-illuminated redeemer?

The emotional intensity of the full moon (high Piscean pathos — be that epiphanies or betrayals) aligned with Uranian acceleration and agitation means we’ve got to clean the channels and prepare to open up to the finer, higher, spiritualized Piscean frequencies. What are those? Namely acknowledging that we are not only of this world but of higher worlds as well. This world is a stage; and what animates the players, that hidden spirit is what Pisces can reveal. Ask yourself if you feel like your life is evolving or devolving. Remember one fish is moving upward toward the Apollonian heights, the other downward, to the Dionysian depths. But be honest. No wishy-washy maybes will do with Uranus and Pluto pressing in on the lunation. Their tails are tied: the rational mind must meet the chaotic, unredeemed ghosts of the past and undertake an active process of discharging. This will allow for a new creature/vision to be born. A new thought-form to take shape. A new, springtime fresh impetus to be revealed.

Hinderances might be: being two-faced, martyrdom, unrealistic hopes and futile machinations — any deluded psychic spinning that is acting as a form of resistance to truth will be challenged, checked and chucked. Opposition to this cosmic clean-out can manifest in defensive grandiosity, agitated paranoia or psychosomatic maladies. The body never lies and if the gods can’t find a way in through our consciousness they wreck havoc with the body.

It’s fascinating to consider the Sabian symbol for this degree of Pisces, it reads: A materializing medium giving a séance, with the keyword being substantiation. One must verify, prove their alegance to truth, making them worthy of channeling this high octane quality of inspiration — a kind of inspiration that will act as a support and ally for the new cycle ahead. A medium is someone who makes herself available to currents, impressions, powers that are not of this ‘ordinary’ world. But the channel must be cleared of impediments. This full moon will do that.

Tune in — blow out.

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August 16th, 2008

August 16 Full Moon Watch: Emotional Self-Reliance

Initiation is the energetic keynote associated with the four fixed signs of the zodiac –Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. These four signs are the gateways through which the galvanizing dynamism of the universe flow. This is depicted in the Tarot’s World card, where each of the four fixed signs occupy a corner of the field, overseeing and coloring a certain expression and quality of power — its entry, consolidation (thus the word: fixed) and movement through our world.

Conversely, the release of power, the movement of power towards a new aim, tends to be where the fixed signs jam-up. Think of if for yourself: the difficulty of letting go of something that you have invested time and attention to — the challenge of accepting the need for transformation — to allow for a new experience and new order to prevail. This is essentially what initiation is about. Going from one grade to another. Though, as Gurdjieff taught, without some form of shock, at the right moment in the process, the descending or regressive movement predominates.

Initiation involves moving from experience, or knowledge, towards understanding. And this is the challenge with each of the four fixed signs. The need to expand but also the need to preserve. How to do both? It’s a mystery. One must evolve towards disseminating or devolve into entropy. This is why full moons in the fixed signs are generally fraught with drama and anguish. The sense is: “I’m stuck but don’t know the way out.” With the fixed signs there is always a price. Literally and figuratively. The fixed signs are the money signs of the zodiac — money being a symbol for consolidated power; so always payment of some kind is involved. You relinquish or pay — with ‘this’ to get ‘that.’

When force stalls in the fixed signs you can think of the condition as a kind of constipation. And you know how that goes: The more we think about wanting to shit the more difficult it becomes to do so. A rather crude analogy, but it’s fitting and reveals one of the core mysteries of the fixed signs, namely the direct comprehension that: “Nothing in the universe changes until God decrees it.” Thine will, not mine.

And that’s the whole secret about working with the force of the fixed signs, we fall in line with our proper place in The Great Scheme of Things. We are here as a witnessing presence, channeling the creative dynamism within the universe (which we are simply another expression of as well.) Who is really in control, given the magnitude of this realization and alignment? Read more

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July 17th, 2008

July 08 Full Moon Watch: Beauty in the Ordinary

“Abandoned stones which I become interested in invite me to enter into their life’s purpose. It is my task to define and make visible the intent of their being.”
–Isamu Noguchi, The Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum

The new moon is a conjunction between the sun and moon, a marriage and co-mergence of the masculine solar principle and the feminine lunar principle. A conjunction corresponds to the alchemical phase of coniunctio — the end result of the alchemical procedure when the opposites are successfully united. This blending releases a third force or condition — something unique, not experienced before. This nexus between the solar and lunar function sets the vibrational tenor for the entire 28 days that follow the new moon phase.

At full moon the secret of the sun moon marriage is revealed. The July 2008 new moon took place on July 3 at 12 degrees of Cancer. The July full moon is Friday, July 18. Tonight marks the first facet of the full moon’s dissemination. What are you sensing?

A Cancer new moon shifts our attention to issues of nourishment and sustainment. How and where our soul finds solace and harbor. Generally we think of Cancerian nourishment as it relates to food and being mothered (or mothering) — a quality of emotional support that allows us to relax and feel a quality of love that is abiding. Read more

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