October 09th, 2011

Less Blog, More Book

A regular reader of Astroinquiry wrote to me the other day. Ann asked:

Hi Frederick:

Was wondering if all is well with you as you haven’t posted a new article for a bit. It’s always a pleasure to receive your insights & musings

I responded:

Hello Ann

I made a decision last month to focus my writing skills on a book — an effort that will generate income.

The blog is a labor of love, with little to no compensation. I’ve grown weary of everyone’s expectations related to the internet: ‘Give it to me for free or I can’t bother.’

Gurdjieff taught that people only value something if they pay for it — and that’s my new philosophy as we head into a new year.

My book’s title is: Save Yourself With Astrology. I think you will enjoy it.


If you’re interested in updates on the book, I suggest you follow me on Facebook where I’ll make announcements regarding progress, pre-orders — breakthroughs and breakdowns associated with the writing process. Always a fun trainwreck to track. Or you can read more about the book here.

The good news is that with the advent of electronic books the project will move from desktop, to editor, to Amazon in a few heartbeats (yeah, right).

Anyway, wish me well. And may you too discover a way to prosper during the most electrifying End Days ever witnessed in human history (well, next to The Black Death).



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