June 30th, 2009

What is the Relationship Between Spirituality and Science?

The idea that consciousness is an integral part of energy, and that the level of consciousness is inextricably linked to the frequency of vibration is nowhere to be found in contemporary science. The profound pertinence of Gurdjieff’s work is that it reveals fundamental laws which encompass the “complete field” that both scientists and artists have pursued through the ages.
— Peter Brooks, Gurdjieff: Essays and Reflections on the Man and His Teaching

I just received notice that author Keith Buzzell will be holding a seminar in Salt Lake City, Utah, in November or December 2009 to explore the question: What is the relationship between spirituality and science. Buzzell explains the seminar as such:

“The Gurdjieff teaching heralds a new approach to the potential blending of these impulses. We propose to host a seminar, Science, Gurdjieff and Man’s Conception of God to further our understanding.”

Keith has been a student of the Gurdjieff teaching for over fifty years, and is a physician by profession. He has authored three books, Perspectives on Beelzebub’s Tales, Explorations in Active Mentation and Man–A Three-brained Being with his insights to date.

For those interested in attending the seminar, familiarity with one or more of Keith’s books is recommended, to facilitate a lively exchange. For specific information, please visit Fifth Press’ contact page and send a query email to Dr. Buzzell.

Opening photograph: NGC 2207 and IC 2163, spiral galaxies.

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June 29th, 2009

The Real Real World: David Lynch’s Interview Project


People forget that the otherworldly filmmaker David Lynch made the Disney-produced movie The Straight Story back in 1999. The tale of an old fellow that rides his lawnmower from Iowa to Wisconsin to reconcile with his dying brother. Except for the lawnmower oddity, the film was straightforward and tenderhearted with a narrative you could actually track. Now Lynch is filming another journey, this one traveling from the West Coast to the East Coast of the United States. A 70-day, 20,000-mile road trip led by Lynch’s son, Austin. It’s a film project called The Interview Project. And that’s what the crew is doing, each stop along the way: Interviewing everyday folk. Guys like Jim Carter, pictured above, who, we’re told in the text intro, grew up on a farm with his ten brothers and sisters, and left, reluctantly, to bear witness for God. Read more

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June 26th, 2009

Michael Jackson Has Left The Building

“A lot of people think I’m a Michael Jackson impersonator” — Michael Jackson

George Orwell once said that a man has the face that he deserves at age 50.

And while I’d agree with that sentiment as it relates to just about every single post 50-year-old walking the planet today — think Dick Cheney — I’d have to take exception with how that curse applied to Michael Jackson.

Dead at 50 and possessing a face with which no one should ever have to contend. Mike’s adult face was actually a mask. A direct creation of self-hatred, plain and simple. That and the way our own ghoulish fascination with his self-loathing spurred him on. An obsession that was prodded, secretly I think, by that part within each of us that dislikes parts of ourselves: wrinkles, sags, spots, dots; imperfection. Given unlimited wealth and time, Michael could nip, tuck, tweak and freak to his heart’s content. Only he could never get away from the self-loathing.

But enough bummer talk. Michael was a genuine puer aeternus. And no self-respecting puer, worth their essence in gold records, should ever live into his fifties. Michael was just taking leave on cue, true to his mythology. It makes perfect sense to me.

Mike’s key astrological signature reads like this — and is cosmic code for us to understand just about every aspect of his career: Uranus conjunct Venus in Leo. And Pluto conjunct his Virgo Sun. The Uranian aura — the dazzle, electricity and ingenuity to his performance style — mixed with a distinct charm and innocence. And the strange shadow catcher condition represented by his Pluto Sun conjunction. As I mentioned earlier, Michael’s Frankensteinian relationship with his own body and face fostered the perfect condition for the public to project their own obsessions with youth, beauty and perfection — and how those always remain elusive. Read more

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