January 14th, 2014

Jessica Murray: “Respond to These Times”


My recent interview with astrologer Jessica Murray generated a good amount of reverberations within my site’s comment section, on Facebook and via personal emails; most of which were steeped in low-grade agitation. Each alluding to the question: “Now what?”

Apparently the title I chose for the piece (“A Way Through”) wasn’t the most perspicacious, in the sense that readers took it literally, whereas I was using the term as a way to frame an open-ended inquiry, not present a list of ‘how to’ steps or specific solutions.

When I informed Jessica as to the questions the interview set in motion, she was kind enough to forward a response to share with you. Which you can now read and comment on below:


“I imagine that all astrologers who write about transits for a general audience of unseen readers come up against this conundrum: Although we know our readers would like us to be more specific – to pinpoint acts and events that would make sense to them in their own world — without seeing our specific natal charts, we can’t do it.
Unless we’re addressing a particular client’s chart, all we can do is make informed generalizations; to try to say something that’s relevant to everyone living under the same sky… an exciting and demanding sky, right now, full of tumultuous transits.”

“Another thing we can do, to try to convey the transits’ meaning is to refer to mass events. We can talk about the effects of current transits on the group reality. We use what’s happening in the news, to give the reader a sense of how the collective mind (whose consciousness is clumsier than that of the individual mind) is responding to the times. Using world events as illustration, we translate as best we can the abstract symbols of planetary movements into English words and psychological concepts: describing in word pictures the challenges upon all of us together. To do this we deploy timeworn astrological definitions, such as Uranus: the planet of abrupt change and revolution; Pluto: the planet of elimination that leads to rebirth; etc.”

“For some of our readers, those whose natal charts line up quite exactly with the cardinal cross, these descriptions of group reality will resonate on two levels. There will be an intersection between the reader’s own unique growth arc and that of the collective growth arc. But without doing an individual chart interpretation, we can’t know how the current sky corresponds to the particular reader’s chart.”

“We also sometimes offer up examples of limited specificity; saying, for example, that readers with a lot of planets in air signs will have a more conceptual response to a transit than somebody with a lot of water, for whom, by contrast, pure imagery is more real. We might say that somebody whose chart features a loaded upper hemisphere will probably express her creativity professionally, whereas a person with most of her planets clumped around the I.C. will channel her soul work in more private ways. Of a Jupiter-Uranus transit, we might say: “Readers whose charts contain cardinal planets within the middle degrees will be motivated through the Spring to abruptly expand…” But even so, we don’t know which planets that reader has in those signs, nor what house they are in, nor what aspects they make.”

“So astrologers have to confine themselves to what we do know is true, for everyone, under transits as risky and dramatic as the ones overhead these days. And for me, that truth is this: That we are being asked to respond. This fractious era is about learning to respond, as creatively as we can— not to just react. Astrologers can say with surety that everyone in our audience was born into these world-altering times for a specific set of karmic reasons, and that we incarnated in order to respond to these times. This is the one thing we can all do, and that is everything.”

“As the great teachers have always told us, the only security is in the moment. To me this means “living through the center of your chart:” that is, using our own particular gifts and skills and points of karma — not just the ones our culture conditioned into us, nor the ones our parents bequeathed to us, nor the values and assumptions our country instills into us — but the understandings we gleaned from these and other sources and then made our own. And to deploy these awarenesses with as much self-knowledge as we can muster.”

“Because every chart is unique, every type of creative responsiveness is unique. In order to find that authentic response, we each have to search for it. We are asked, by the troubles of our world, to look inside ourselves for it. That’s the way to avoid feeling powerless. Even in the face of terrible global events, we are never powerless when we truly respond.”

“So this is the punch line to the question of “What do I do?”: Go into the center of your chart and discover your own authentic response to what’s happening. Even when the events provoking your response concern everybody, the form of your response depends on your chart alone. For example, when your government does something violent or corrupt, some may march in protest, some may support politicians, some may read and write, dance, speak, weep or pray. The unique response will occur to you when and if you are plugged into your center.”

“I believe that this what these globe-rocking changes are for: to force people into the center of their charts. For this to make sense, I think one has to already believe that each of us quite deliberately chose (as souls) this particular era to be born into. That we scripted the whole scenario. Transits like the Uranus- Pluto square happening right now are therefore not arbitrary in our life plan. They are no surprise to the Oversoul of which our consciousness is a part. We can’t be all shocked and appalled at these transits; they constitute part of the stage business we ourselves choreographed into this lifetime.”

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  1. John Craft remarks:

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    January 15th, 2014 at 4:30 am
  2. […] the inability of astrological writers to specify what “is going to happen” to individuals. In a subsequent post I address the confusion many fans of astrology have about how much a practitioner can tell them […]

    January 24th, 2014 at 9:15 pm
  3. Sabina Dobo remarks:

    The conundrum of astrology is that while ‘as above, so below’, so too ‘the stars impel, they do not compel’; thus, the individual (a modern Uranian concept) is uncertain of the impact of their ‘puny’ actions in the face of the Cosmos, including Mother Nature.
    I shall be 60 later this year and it is my observation that the most pressing issue demanding our attention is the state of the biosphere as it affects the viability of (human) life as we know it. Indeed, you did reference the coming water wars, and it appears the race to plunder the remaining ‘profitable’ resources may be one to the death of us all.
    While the either/or, black/white, good/bad, 0/1 perspective appears to model reality, the spiritualists demonstrate in their symbology, a balance or equilibrium that does not necessarily equate with stasis. From my point of view, it is this so far endless swinging of the pendulum from one extreme of human behaviour or modelling to the other that is the problem to be surmounted if we are to survive and prosper, a Star Trek ideal I certainly adhere to.
    At present, I believe the rebirthing of the feminine principle is what is necessary to rebalance the scales. I think we can agree that the female impulse or voice has been and continues to be deliberately blighted by the masculine. This explains much about our current conditions here on Earth.
    I concluded some years ago that since Man made God in his own image, his chief desire and purpose is to create Life, but his means have been corrupted by his Ego and he chooses to control Life by means of practising Death. He is jealous of the Goddess. He wishes to steal the life-giving force of the Female. The immature imaginings and terrors of the testosterone-laden puer are the prime drivers of the collective consciousness. (Hollywood films are a testament to this, as are modern Western architecture and design. Priapus rules.)
    My least favourite example of Uranian Mars is his scientifically groundless belief that technology will solve all our problems, as if technology sprang like Pallas from Jupiter’s head. Did you read the recent item about crocodiles – one of our of our most ancient species, along with cockroaches – using tools to catch birds for supper? Technology is a means, not the end it is touted as since it replaced the God of Religion with Science – wasn’t it just yesterday. And even the beauty and intelligence of the scientific language is being corrupted by this overweening will to power, as I heard in an interview with a Canadian scientist and professor only today.
    I agree with your posit that we can do no better than to live from the centre of our chart, which reminds me of Dave’s view (astroamerica – thanks, Frederick) of an earth-centred chart, which resonates as we are still (only?) Earthlings.
    And I shall take this opportunity to beg my American friends and neighbours to remove their heads from their assholes: the reality and ‘ideals’ you have so successfully sold the world are coming home to roost and it’s time to wield your power for good and the good of All.
    I do think that meme about being the change you want to see in the world is the way to go, one footstep and breath at a time.
    (Virgo Sun/Asc, Merc cj Pallas 1st Libra sq Mars cj NN Cap 4th, Ceres cj Sat cj Venus, Jup cj Ura 10th Cancer, Vesta on the MC. While I would enjoy the boon companionship of Data over fiddling with a handheld, I’d throw him on the recycling heap for a sentient creature of Earth any day.)

    February 9th, 2014 at 1:20 am
  4. Sandra balan remarks:

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  7. primo tabs remarks:

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  10. top to bottom remarks:

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