October 21st, 2013

A New Cosmix for Autumn 2013

Today’s post? Anything but verbiage.

So I made a music mix while Mercury stationed in Scorpio and triggered a ping pong of sonic impressions which I tracked, mixed and recorded.

I like the Renaissance approach to creativity. In addition to my work as an astrologer I like to publish, paint and I’ve recently finished a teleplay with my writing partner, Noble Smith. Having worked as a DJ decades ago in Hawai’i, I’ve never lost my love of a good segue and so I mix tape too.

A note about the collection of tunes below. I avoid most anything that’s considered pop, not that I dislike pop music but simply because there’s so much of it that’s not good. Too, unless a songwriter is really gifted, like Aimee Mann or Elvis Costello, I get bored with confessional writing as I’m not that interested in hearing people’s stories about love calamities or the Rolex and weed they just purchased.

That leaves electronic and ambient music as my primary placeholders. But I also love jazz (50 and 60s especially or really old jazz, like early Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong). I’ve a penchant for soul music from the 70s and I also enjoy pounding modern dance music that knows how to swing and not just thump. So expect all of that.

Anyway, I said I’d do anything but compose words today and here I am five paragraphs deep. Jesus.


Illustration by Max Ernst.

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  1. third house remarks:

    Nice mix, though I don’t know why I’m surprised. This is like my wired on Woodruff week while migrating south for warmer environs. Trying to picture you in a previous life at the Kea Lani spinning some Paul Winter Group / Rick Wakeman / Renaissance retro mix but it won’t stick. Would have liked it better than that disco group that played at everything.

    October 21st, 2013 at 8:17 pm
  2. frederick_a_woodruff remarks:

    Thank you ‘third house’ — I’m glad you’re getting wired via Astroinquiry.com.



    October 24th, 2013 at 1:59 pm

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