August 28th, 2013

As The Eagle Flies Crashes

So, say you have a dream. And it goes like this:

A large imbecilic Christian congregation releases a bald eagle into its enclosed amphitheater. Beleaguered eagle flies about in a circle as congregation chants “USA! USA!” Said eagle then crashes — “USA! USA!” — into a glass window and plummets to the ground.

Any unravelers wanna take this on?

3 Responses to 'As The Eagle Flies Crashes'
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  • Brian

    spricht für sich ~ parle de lui-mêm ~ parla da sé ~ taler for seg selv ~ mówi sama za siebie

    vorbeşte de la sine ~ खुद के लिए बोलती है …. in seven languages!

  • T. Giroux

    They should be charged with animal cruelty

  • Lori Mrasek

    I agree with T Giroux, what moron brought the bird inside to begin with, I’m sure it just didn’t fly in by itself. Maybe it’s fitting to what’s happening in Washington at the moment, it speaks for itself. Eagles are birds of prey, in dreams they signify dominion and superiority. It can also mean awareness,as well as perception and objectivity. The Eagle is linked to Scorpio’s and the USA. Windows in dreams are obstacles, so the bird hits the window and plummets to the ground, isn’t this kind of a forewarning of what is or about to come? Just watching this video p—es me off.

    I live in Canada, this bird is highly respected, I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing one with my own eyes, my husband has, he said it’s a wonder observing these beautiful birds it’s it’s natural habitat, there, enough said.

    Lori Mrasek