February 22nd, 2013

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces: Some Thoughts (and Feelings)

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” — Albert Einstein

So a bunch of my clients have asked me about Mercury turning retrograde this week (like, in a few minutes). Most were concerned about ‘spacing out’ or losing emotional control because Pisces is considered amorphic and undisciplined. I don’t understand these associations. Einstein was a Pisces, and he overturned our entire view of the universe. If that way of delineating reality is supposed to be unfocused or undisciplined, well — Jesus — bring it on. We need more of it. Especially now when all the fallout of the Pluto in Capricorn transit keeps breaking free and cluttering the cultural landscape.

Pisces is associated with Jupiter. Neptune has nothing to do with the sign. The outer planets are not aligned with the signs the way the inner planets are. The outer planets hang out in some other neighborhood, though we are able to detect them in our solar system. Dane Rudhyar called them ambassadors from some other galaxy, and I’ve always liked that notion. Why? Because the outer planets’ light does not reach us in the same way that light from our Sun and Moon — and the sunlight that is reflected back to us all the way out to Saturn — returns back to us. Ultimately astrology is all about light and its reception and how that infiltrates and impregnates and makes the world appear ‘here’ — right before our eyes.

Jupiter is similar in some ways to Mercury, if Mercury weren’t so active assimilating data. Which is to say Jupiter works from a level of mind that is associated with wisdom, which is a kind of synthesized understanding of data. What Mercury gathers up and names Jupiter embues with vitality and juice, cooking it up to share with others. Which is what Pisces loves to do: share insights and wisdom — especially if those insights will change up the world around her. As the last sign of the zodiac Pisces is the wisest, the most artistic and the most abstract. Pisces seals the seeming split between the emotional or feeling realm and that of the mind. And shows us that feelings and thoughts are always intertwined and inter-related.

So anyway, Mercury will touch off all of the Pisces transits underway via its retrograde; this is like a mega-vitamin for the mind. All of the brainstorms you’ve had during the last couple of weeks will now get a chance to have the missing ingredients added to the mix to bring everything to consciousness — or not. Allow for messes and mistakes, or as musician Brian Eno once said: “Honor thy error as a hidden intention…” Have fun. Get some smart wisdom.

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  • As a Pisces I really like the way you put it: Pisces seals the seeming split between the emotional or feeling realm and that of the mind.

    Being rational does not mean that you should be spiritually stupid.

  • Laine

    Nice blog Frederick, I may be a bit slow on the uptake but I am a Sorpio after all……feeling all and everything no problem, bridging the mind a work in progress but emotional resiliancy and maturity on the rise! Yay! Hope to see you next week~~~

  • tena

    Thank you for this. As a Pisces, I especially appreciate the insight that Jupiter, not Neptune, is my guiding light.

  • Brian

    I must respectfully disagree with the Neptune-Pisces statement. I believe the planets operate on a much subtler level than just the visible light to our naked eye. Especially Neptune-Pisces which represents the “non-physical.” As we are made up of matter from the stars and all things are connected in ways that we are only just begging to fathom, I believe (I have a Pisces Moon, and about ten Neptune aspects in my chart) : ) the outer planets affect us greatly (think of quarks and anti-gravity; with earths gravity the closer two objects are the more attraction there is, with quarks and anti gravity, the farther away two objects the greater the pull/force/attraction.) I believe that Neptune/Pisces/12th house are one of the most congruous rulership combinations in the zodiac regarding the outer planet rulerships.

  • It’s important to clarify that light is both a literal and visual correlation to being. Or better put: As light bodies we are linked via the nature of light to other light bodies — luminosity is an expression of consciousness and presence. The outer planets do not ‘fit’ in our light schematic in the same way; the origin of light from Uranus and Neptune (and the planetoid, or whatever Pluto has been reclassified) are NOT in the same relationship to the earth, as the other planets within the visible light realm of the solar system.

    Too, the notion that planets ‘effect’ us isn’t really applicable, when considering astrology from a non-dual perspective. In fact studying astrology is often an individual’s first step into the non-conceptual realms of experiencing reality, and remains one of the art’s greatest gifts to those who continue to work with and study it. But that is another subject.

    The Jovial or Jupiter expression is most aligned with what Pisces as a FUNCTION displays or represents as a specific expression of one part of the Totality, which the Zodiac classifies. Neptune is not related to the quotidian or conventional expression of life on earth, in fact Neptune reveals a transcendent awareness that is akin to HOW ALL 12 SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC function as a UNIFIED field — thus its association with impersonal love and the dissolving of distinctions and boundaries. There is nothing on the level of the individual — and how the individual functions within the whole –that Neptune resonates with, thus it is outside the spectrum of our solar system and the traditional assignments of rulerships to the various signs via affinity.

  • Brian

    “There is nothing on the level of the individual — and how the individual functions within the whole –that Neptune resonates with, thus it is outside the spectrum of our solar system and the traditional assignments of rulerships to the various signs via affinity.” This sounds to me like the higher octave of Pisces. (?)

  • Brian

    I suppose I take umbrage with the statement that Neptune has NOTHING to do with Pisces and that just doesn’t resonate with my experiences.

  • Brian

    Everything (99.9%?) humans experience is filtered through some amount of limited perception relative to that persons perception (redundancy noted) so until “we” know exactly how the Universe works/came about, etc., it is a matter of conjecture to speak of absolutes. Science is (nearly) as much a religion as any “spiritual” religion with it’s own dogmas, perceptions et al. “Religion” says “God” made the universe. Science says … it was the Big Bang. Both are stories made up to try and satisfy a deep fear of the unknown that may never be known/understood, after all, how does “matter” come from “nothing?” God is the mystery. The big bang is just as much a mystery as we don’t know what “caused” it.

  • I don’t follow (subscribe to) the concept of octaves Brian. Most of the attributes associated with the ‘higher octave’ planets fit just as easily with Mercury, Venus and Mars, the planets they are supposedly refined ‘vibrations’ of.

    One can best grasp the qualities of the outer planets when he or she has, through their own spiritual maturation, crossed beyond the concept-making processes of Jupiter and Saturn, into the non-conceptual or Nameless. There you have what could be, for lack of better words, considered the realm of the origin of light, of which little may be conveyed with words. This is why I advocate a personal process that involves experiential inquiry related to the transpersonals. I might attempt to talk or write about something that is featureless, but then the mind begins to fashion a concept from the description and then the feeling tenor drops back into the Saturnian realm of form (or as you call it ‘limited perception’) — sullying what could be a very visceral connection to other modes of reality, the nature of which the transpersonals mark or point to.

    And to echo your point: if the transpersonal planets have any sort of ‘message’ to us it would be that there are no absolutes and that the universe is many different things and also it is no-thing — all at the same time — but beyond time, beyond space.

  • Brian Pitzen

    Since my train of thought doesn’t present itself in one sweeping dialog I must resort to multiple installations. So, as everything(?) is, ultimately(?) perception/belief how can we truly know absolutely how anything in the universe works? I am not immune to my own dogma, as an example, in the “chakra world” (Vedic/Veda?) the heart chakra is “ruled” by “air” but in astrology the heart would seem to be ruled by fire (Leo) and I have been ruffled by people (ok, a certain person I know) who insists that everything I equate with “water” via astrology, she equates with air. Who is right? Me, her, both, neither? Maybe Neptune doesn’t have anything to do with anything (for the sake of argument). Maybe we make up these stories and they apply themselves to our beliefs? (I’m starting to wonder). The latest fun thing to contemplate is the “Great Attractor” (@14 degrees Sagittarius) which is supposedly pulling us (Milky Way galaxy and 10, 000 other galaxies) toward it at a million miles an hour. It’s 250 million light years away. I can’t wrap my mind around that personally but my point (wait, what is my point? : ) is we know so little about the Universe other than our perceptions of it (the earth is flat-the earth is round-what is the earth anyway and who is living inside of it???) that, while easy to form absolute opinions, we really don’t know all that much about most things mysterious. (I would include astrology with that, a subject I am quite fascinated with and have studied on my own self taught level for 20 years in case you get an idea that I don’t “believe” in it : ))

    Anyway, I wouldn’t bother having this “dissertation” if I didn’t think you were a reasonable guy (seriously) even if I don’t know you personally, I perceive you as a good and reasonable guy based on your blog (I like it!).

  • Hi Brian

    I’m limited with time today, but in short I’ll bring to your attention how this process of inquiry (engaged between us within our exchange in this comment thread) put you in touch with a viscerally charged experience of the planet Neptune.

    Many of the questions you’ve formulated are what I would call Neptunian, in that they do away with certainty and usher in an experience of not knowing (which is empowering, rather than deficient , which then, if followed fully can bloom into an understanding that comes from universal mind rather than the personal, conditioned mind. You are then on your way with your journey (galvanized by curiosity and wonder), which, in my experience is endless — always revealing new wonders of true nature — some explicable, others not. I would say that sort of experience is much more valuable (and satisfying) than following dogma from a book or Vedic teaching or what not.

    I’ve a sense that you get my point. Thanks for presenting your thoughts on my site.

  • Brian

    Thanks Frederick,
    Just a final few thoughts on the subject and I will leave you in peace! To back track a bit, my reference to the “higher octave” of Pisces was more a metaphor than a teaching standard.

    I get what you are saying about Pisces being “personal” and Neptune transpersonal a bit better now but I still hold out hope that Pisces and Neptune are related on some level (a distant cousin thrice removed, a kind grandfather?) and in my mind/perception I still perceive some connection (Mercury-Psyche in Cancer trine Neptune [in 3rd house] trine Chiron-SN in Pisces, with a Mercury sextile Pluto tenaciousness throw into the fray)

    The Pisces fish swimming in the sea of Neptune hold at least a metaphorical connection for me if not a “literal” one, but I digress …

    Thanks for your responses, and blog!