November 13th, 2012

Saturn in Scorpio: The Art of Desire and War

“Disobedience, in the eyes of any one who has read history, is man’s original virtue.
It is through disobedience that progress has been made,
through disobedience and through rebellion.”
…………………………………………………..Oscar Wilde

There’s a famous book called the Art of War. A wise Chinese general named Sun Tzu wrote the book thousands of years ago and it’s considered one the greatest classics of military literature. I love the title because it’s a condensed miniature koan, a magical moniker that calls forth a paradoxical truth related to desire.

As G.I. Gurdjieff taught, whenever you want something the force of your wanting sets off a second force that is directly related to your desire — a force that arises to deny your getting what you want. This is a simple law. Like gravity. It’s nothing personal and it is beyond your ability to manipulate. There is a name to this oppositional side of the equation. Gurdjieff called it the law of denying. These two laws, the law of affirming and the law of denying work like this:

I’ve decided to start a new diet on Monday. On Sunday evening, under the law of affirming, I pull together all my resolve and will power. And then come Monday morning, under the law of denying, I’m gorging on bagels and cream cheese at the coffee shop. What happened?

This diet dilemma was a faulty arrangement to begin with because my intent did not consider the ‘art of war’ which has a secret directive to it that is easy to overlook.

I’ll talk about that now.

Seeing the Invisible

Because our brains are steeped in duality (the Moon/Mercury part of our nature — or the left brain/right brain dichotomy) we miss the one force that would transform the clash between positive and negative. Reconciliation (or neutralization) is the third force or law and Gurdjieff talked about it this way, he said:

“The presence of a third force is necessary, for it is only with the help of a third force that the first two can produce what may be called a phenomenon…” But the problem for human beings, he explained, is that we are “third force blind.”

What is the third force? Well, that’s complicated. I would describe it like this: The third force contains two important components:

The first involves the actual realization that we live life trapped within our tunnel vision of polarity. Good and bad, male and female, liberal and conservative. Blah blah blah. We take this to be reality. But it is missing the perception of the third force.

The second component is that the third force isn’t ‘interested’ in winning or losing, getting or not getting, dieting or not dieting — its essence is that of reconciliation or neutralization. When the paradox of duality is quelled something is then able to actually manifest or appear within the flow of time.

Here is a prayer Gurdjieff gave in relation to the three forces. See what you can make of it and then let me know what you think. It goes like this:

Transubstantiate in me,
For my Being.

A hint is in the word transubstantiate. And also in the word Being, which means presence which means living beyond the confines of one’s personal history with its litany of personal desires which are based on unconscious drives that desire things that have no relevance to the creative expression of your life, as it appears in the moment, right here, right now.

Which is to say that reality is only interested in bringing forth what is fresh, new and pristine — never been seen before. The ego is only interested in ideas and desires that have their origin in unresolved ideas and frustrated desires from the past.

You could say that the third force isn’t interested in the ego’s particular desires or self image. Third force is involved with how presence shows up in real time: In reality. Which of course evokes the planet Saturn.

Saturn and Mars: The Art of War

Just as the Sun corresponds to your physical heart, Saturn corresponds to your ability to perceive reality. When your ass is sitting in a chair, Saturn is the part of your awareness that feels the solidity of the material that you are sitting atop. I don’t know what organ that would be in the body, per se, but let’s just call Saturn your ability to live from what Freud called the reality principle. It’s sobering, but also fulfilling because, well, what good is reading about apple pie if you can’t eat a piece?

So let’s talk about Saturn in Scorpio now because the New Moon eclipse today in Scorpio is our first ‘in the gut’ registration of what Saturn’s entry in Scorpio is about. Saturn entered Scorpio on October 5 to begin a two and a half year transit through the sign. But:

You can’t align with a planet’s long transit through a sign until a New Moon occurs in that same sign. And that’s happening today. This New Moon ignites the organic process of living the transit in a visceral way. Meaning, you can feel the shift under your skin. In your bones. Now you’re really engaged with Saturn in Scorpio, which is to say, in keeping with the theme of the post: The art of desire, the art of war. Now is the time to become third-force aware.

Many of you awoke this morning aware of new aches or pains in your body, or you were waylaid by the content of your dreams last night. Or you’ve decided, after a conversation over coffee with a friend, that divorce is imminent, or getting married is the next step for your relationship. Or that mom is dying of cancer and not simply suffering from a gluten allergy. Big stuff like that.

The ‘art of war’ is the essential style of the sign Scorpio and as the opening epigram from Oscar Wilde suggests: Disobedience — or breaking the law of repetition with its dulling lull of the familiar and the rote — is necessary for progress. Good girls and boys finish last.

But remember the bagel and cream cheese example.

Without awareness of the third force, the reconciling or neutralizing law, there is no evolution. We remain in the jam-up between opposites. Whirling, turning — suffocating. Most of us spend our lives on this hamster wheel. Talking about the Law of Three, Gurdjieff noted to P.D. Ouspensky the following:

“The two forces will either counterbalance one another, or one will completely conquer the other, but, at the same time, [one’s initiative] will become too weak for any further action. Thus the two forces will, as it were, revolve one around the other, one absorbing the other and producing no result whatever. This may continue for a lifetime. A man may feel desire and initiative. But all this initiative may be absorbed in overcoming the habitual inertia of life, leaving nothing for the purpose towards which the initiative ought to be directed. And so it may go on until the third force makes its appearance…”

So Gurdjieff is saying here that it’s not so much about the diet or the bagel and cream cheese, it’s about the insight to be gleaned from understanding why diets usually fail or why you aren’t writing the great American novel. Those things are good and fine unto themselves (i.e., losing weight or artistic expression) but within the ‘bigger picture’ they mean very little if you aren’t living life from Being. From presence.

When you are present in your life you are so engaged and involved with the mystery of manifestation — which is what transubstantiation is all about — you can’t wait to see what the next thing is that pops out of you — or in front of you. It’s all good. Even if you’re fat and a mediocre author.

Some folks don’t mind complacency. And have devised elaborate strategies to maintain stasis. Saturn in Scorpio will be a problem for these types because death, another Scorpio theme, has become more emphatic in our collective field now. This is not a prediction, it’s simply a fact.

I follow Saturn to see where he is transiting and then I understand what facet of the reality principle is pressing into everyone’s awareness. Wherever Saturn travels you can feel a pressure pushing into your field. In Libra it’s love. In Scorpio it’s death. Love and death are the two great Awakeners. Both have jump-started more beauty and creativity than we dare imagine.

This is why Mars — as the initiative principle — rules Aries and Scorpio. The Aries side of Mars shows as the libido, the life force pushing onward for the sheer fun of movement; anti-stasis. The Scorpio side of Mars inspires through melancholy and stillness. We see our parents and friends aging, we observe our skin wrinkling, we get off our ass and engage with living our allotment of life to the fullest.

When Saturn changes signs the entire playing field of the biosphere shifts. Moving from a Venus-ruled air sign (Libra) to a Mars-ruled water sign (Scorpio) telegraphs instantly that the time spent philosophizing, contrasting and weighing — to strike the ‘beauty chord’ — is complete. The tools for making art have been defined. The polarity (both sides of Libra’s scales) thoroughly engaged.

Now the martial phase begins. A phase of passive active reconcilliation: the art of war. YAY!

How will you fare? What will you align with? How will the third force operate (or not) in your life? One last secret for today, and it’s related to the Mars aspect of Scorpio and it comes from the biggest teller of open secrets, the poet Rumi.

Here it is:

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.
It will not lead you astray.”

Good luck!

Opening painting:The Battle of the Argonne René Magritte, oil, 1959.

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  • Dennis Cantwell

    There’s no one else out there marrying ideas like this to astrology. I always learn something new here. Bravo.

    And thank you.

  • Gina Jones

    I had just finished a New Moon ritual to release wine and bread from my life, came in the house, checked my email and had a note from my sister asking me to bring rolls and wine to Thanksgiving dinner next week. Then I read your amazing post and realized I did have a strange dream about burning down my apartment, but I live in a house, took some ibuprofen for my hands and elbow aches, and a friend told me over lunch that she is feeling good about finally deciding that her marriage needs to end. Saturn is in my 4th house, which I can’t say I know what it is about yet, but I can’t wait to see what pops out next 🙂

  • Neeti

    Wonderful post!

  • Natalia

    beautiful beautiful!!!

  • Tena

    This is brilliant. Thank you.

  • Venus

    Haven’t seen you in awhile….you look great!!!! I like this…..”Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love, it will not lead you astray..”….that REALLY says it all..and I LOVE YOU!!!:) thanks for Saturn in Scorpio……

  • Gene

    Must share with fellow Gurdjieff followers. I’m wondering if you can say more about how third force IS detected, how do I work with it or call it forth?

  • Appreciate the feedback on this post. Would be intriguing and engaging to see how people are working with third force in their lives presently.

    I deliberately left out specific examples — as I felt the impact — or shock, as Gurdjieff would have called it, would go amiss, should the equation not be filled in by oneself. Yes?

    Let’s here some more comments related to that suggestion.

  • third house

    I found you in June when I needed you the most. Thank you! It seems we lived similar lives. Not Gurdjieff per se but other remarkable men.

    I have Saturn in the 4th, in Scorpio – though still a year until the return. Since Pluto is over my natal Moon – with all that current state entails – I find it difficult to assign the motion to the force.

    I see the world unfolding as I was told it would many decades ago. I begin to understand things that I was taught long ago for that future moment which is now. I was recently invited to come to “therapy”.

  • Jackie Ostrander

    This is GREAT, and just what I needed, at this moment. Thank You!

  • Wonder B

    While your description of Saturn as “reality” is hard to refute, it’s also true that transits of Saturn – maybe more than any planet – bring about events that seem designed to trick our egos into thinking our past is also our future. It’s rules authority and our earliest experiences of it, and how could we not be bruised/influenced by that? So while I love / agree with /TOTALLY embrace what you are saying here in principle, I must confess that in practice the promise of Saturn often eludes me.

    But how am I working with the third force in my life presently? Well, currently Saturn is transiting my 10th and sextiling my 7th house ruler in the 12th. Lately I’ve become critically aware that the rubric by which I’ve been relating to both career and intimacy is totally failing me. As a dour Capricorn I take my Saturn edicts pretty seriously, and I’m starting to get the distinct impression I’ve got to turn that Saturn stick around and start beating my old, outdated ideas with it instead of using that stick to beat those ideas into me. At the risk of being hyperbolic it feels like a matter of survival, quite frankly. I’m all right now, but I can feel the weight of these negative thought structures tying me to a very bleak not-so-distant future. So in practice that looks like meditating every morning so that I can reinforce empowering thought structures based in reality/the present moment rather than my fears/the past. It also means ignoring negativity and being in action when all I feel like exhibiting is the reverse.

    At the moment anyway, activating the third force with Saturn in Scorpio far too often means simply doing the opposite of what I’m inclined to do. However, I am critically aware that Saturn in Scorpio feels to me so much of a “do or die” experience that I am hugely motivated in a way I don’t remember being for a very long time.