June 30th, 2011

New Moon Watch: Cancer Partial Eclipse

The Atrophy of Private LIfe

In the heavy fashion magazines strewn here and there around the house the photos of objects and people mouth the word “money,” but you, assuming no one wants you anymore, mishear the message as “meaning.” Arousal follows. The lives of the rich are so fabulous! The destruction of the poetical lies heavily on their hands, as on their swollen notion that we are always watching. There is nothing behind the mask. Nothing suffocating under its pressure, no human essence trying to get out.

Awareness, always awareness. Don’t you see how these elaborate masks are turning you into a zombie? The private life is not for the eye but for the endless interior. It is trying to push all this crap aside and find the missing line. Nobody, least of all the future, cares about the outcome of this quest.

It is easy to lose, through meddling or neglect, an entire aspect of existence. And sometimes, to cultivate a single new thought, you need not only silence but an entirely new life. 

—Jennifer Moxley

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  • Words, so many words, when a simple swipe of metal would do–the rolling heads and lolling toungues of the decapitated could encapsulate so much more meaning than the most erudite critiques–not wrong, but somehow misapplied.

  • evan

    Love the quote. Have read it 3 or 4 times since finding the post. But I would change the last line slightly, or maybe I am reading it too literally. From what I have found, I would say “And sometimes, to cultivate a single new thought,you need not an entirely new life, only silence.” Keep up the great site.

  • kran-rf.ru

    Really enjoyed this! Well done!