August 02nd, 2008

The Sexy Mystery of Midsummer

“Midsummer is the sexiest time of year. The word itself conjures images of luscious fruit, eternal twilight, warm nights dotted with the firefly’s peridot lights and feverish days punctuated by bursts of thunder and warm rain. It is a time when romance wanders freely in the mind, and when the bounties of earth are so plentiful, they are intoxicating. Life seems to spring eternal.”

“The green of the trees begins to take on a darker, more exhausted verdancy, animals go about the business of rearing their growing young, instead of birthing them and the nights and hottest days are filled with the gnawing presence of insects. Lammas, or Lughnasadh (pronounced: loo-NAH-sah), the sabbath which celebrates the beginning of the harvest year, is a time of maturity and of age. It is also a surreal moment in the year when death and life coexist in physical manifestation.”

Genevieve Salerno.

Painting. Henri Matisse. Le bonheur de vivre 1905-1906 Oil on canvas. Barnes Foundation, Merion, PA

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  1. Elaine remarks:

    Yes! Love this time of year, autumn is about to arrive, but not quite…warm nights, good wine. Thanks for posting this Frederick.

    August 2nd, 2008 at 9:07 pm

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