July 15th, 2008

Birthday Koan: Ego — The Gift That Keeps On Taking

“That is why in the Kabbalah it is said that a seraph is a devil burnt out completely and turned into light.”

“The core of ego is a feeling of deficiency, of poverty, of emptiness, of saying: “I am no good, I am worthless, I am empty. Give me, give me, more, more, more, more.” In this state of deficiency I don’t love myself, I don’t accept myself. I reject myself. I want to run away, distract myself; maybe go to a movie, see a friend, have sex, eat, fill myself with knowledge, or pretend I am O.K. I am always wanting to fill this emptiness, always rejecting it, always afraid of it. In fact, we are all terrified by it. Most of the time people don’t know that this emptiness, this deficiency is what is driving most of their actions. It’s such a desperation, such a race to fill this bottomless pit.

But how sweet it is to say “yes” to this emptiness. How courageous it is to say: “I feel empty, I feel deficient, and I won’t attempt to fill it. I want to see the truth. I want to experience the reality of me. I refuse to manipulate. I want to wake up regardless of how painful it is.” Only the hero will take this attitude, for it is a heroic act to see your deficiency, your neediness, your emptiness, and yet not try to manipulate your life to fill it. We are so compulsive, so driven to manipulate, to avoid feeling this basic deficiency of our personal ego. But believe me, my friend, there’s no other way towards fullness. God will not pour His grace if you don’t accept your deficiency and stop manipulating. Manipulation, striving to fill this emptiness, is only the devil doing its efficient work. It is constantly working to hide its weakness.”

From The Devil and the Seraph © 1973 A-Hameed Ali

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  1. Joanna remarks:

    l know this is written some time ago l am new to your blog, still want to comment…
    l’d like to say that l actually feel empty and some how paralized at the moment and just wait for it to pass, l know it will pass been here before (l’m not depressed),l feel sloooow, all is slow l know there is no way you can fill ‘the emptiness’ l think you can better give in, let it come over you, bathe in it, and all that so you work with it/yourself in some way, release it, transform it/yourself, let it be. It’s a process and you can’t escape it, but l’m speaking for just a period of time and not having this feeling all the time, pheeeuw. l guess l experienced some ego breaking over the summer and felt like the girl in V from Vendetta.

    peace J.

    October 19th, 2010 at 1:15 pm

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