Do You Visit Facebook Regularly? Do You Like it or Loathe it? And What Sign Are You?



I’m compiling research for my new book, Astrology, Facebook and You, and I’d value your input.

Facebook, beyond its obvious structure as an online social network, is also a magnetic force field that each of us enters and participates within, whenever we log on.

What I’m curious about and will highlight in my book by interviewing different folks like yourself is the following:

1. Are you a creator or are you an observer? In other words, do you post links and pictures regularly, or do you prefer to visit Facebook and scan and observe from the sidelines?

2. What sign are you? (I only need this information, not chart details, Moon signs, etc.)

3. Do you feel that the way you interact with Facebook matches your Sun Sign’s style and basic character traits?

You can email me here with your answers to the above questions.

Thank you so much for helping me bring this project together. I’ll announce the publication of Astrology, Facebook and You in my email newsletter this winter.

Thank you and love,


Frederick Woodruff

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