May 17th, 2020

Joe Biden’s Upside Down Descent

From an article posted today on the Atlantic’s website:

“Biden’s Virtual Campaign Is a Disaster: The candidate has reached the peak of his career in the rec room of his basement, talking into a computer.”

Grant Lewi labeled Saturn’s transit through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd house of a natal chart as “the obscure years”.

Although each transit is unique — depending on how it relates to other natal factors, still the lower quadrant passage of Saturn is generally painful and frustrating. A grind and slog.

As Kate Petty reminded me the other day, ancient astrologers named the second house of the chart: THE MOUTH OF HELL. This relates I’d imagine to a planet heading towards the chart’s nadir — the rock bottom — where things go to die.

It’s interesting to note that before cemeteries were a thing people just buried their dead relatives under their home’s floorboards. Reinforcing this literal cross-reference to the fourth house as ‘home’ and ‘endings’. I guess there was something comforting in knowing that grandma’s corpse was safe beneath your feet you while you’re sitting on your sofa.

Anyway, as soon as I was forced to start taking Biden seriously as a candidate I was head-scratching about how Saturn was traversing this ‘obscure’ quarter of his wheel. Especially when I consider how in Trump’s natal chart Saturn is ascending towards his mid-heaven and tenth house.

Generally, Saturn moving through this lower quadrant corresponds with frustration and a sense of invisibility. Regardless of your efforts, it feels like you can’t gain traction with projects or plans related to working with others.

Both times that I’ve experienced the transit it matched up with one of the worst periods in my life. Yes, there was a silver lining, but it was very un-glamorous grunt work stuff.

Anyway, so as all things COVID-themed seems to relate to reality being turned upside down right now, here is Biden locked in his basement doing his thing — while the commentary and publicity related to his strategy are scathing.

But then look at the 12th house of Biden’s natal chart. This basement headquarters arrangement is very ‘duck to water’ for Biden. And that potent Jupiter in Cancer in the 8th. Meaning, he might actually benefit from what normally could be a terrible transit for someone running for president.

Almost all of my clients that have strong 12th house, 8th house, Scorpio or Pluto natal placements are benefiting in various ways from the pandemic.

This makes sense because that grouping of markers has a lot to do with vocations and events that people generally DON’T want to look at or engage with — disease, hospitals, mortuaries, death — or actual work that’s related like medicine, counseling, grief healing, recycling, rebuilding, etc.

Opening collage by F. Woodruff

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