April 10th, 2020

Saturn/Aquarius: Breath, Discrimination & Dads

“Say it, no ideas but in things.” –William Carlos Williams

I’m hearing from clients and friends a lot, “I’m having difficulty with shallow breathing.”

Yes. Saturn (pressure) in Aquarius (the atmosphere we partake of equally).

Aside from viral pan-demonium, the shift from Capricorn (earth) to Aquarius (air) is akin to a dizzy shift in altitude. But if you feel into it the rush is liberating — but our lungs take time to adjust.

Like everything in astrology, there’s always a marriage of the literal and the symbolic.

Labored breathing creates a condition where we pay more attention to breath (awareness) in general.

And on the flip, Saturn forces us to discriminate and focus on specific opportunities within the endless realm of possibilities that Aquarius represents.

Also, notice this: Wherever your Sun is located you’ll feel opposed, depending on the house. Aquarius opposes Leo, the Sun’s natural domain.

A key to contemplate is the different ways your father opposed you as a child. Why? That original imprint is activated during the Saturn Aquarius transit.

As a collective, we’re forced to collectivize rather we like it or not.

Much of the panic and hysteria related to COVID-19 is a release of pent up forces related to our suppressed instinct to relate to one another. It’s natural, basic and very animal/human. We are mammals after all.

There are three compelling instincts that compel people in life. Freud called them drives, Jung reformated them into archetypes. The security instinct, the sexual instinct, and the social instinct.

Manic political ideologies have split culture in two; where people are sequestered and hunkered into their sides and corners. This division has mutated into a pathological divide, hitting peak crescendos with Obama’s presidency and now Trump’s.

Despite being physically alone, a pandemic forces everyone together. And our social instinct celebrates the alliance. Our inner animal wants to hang out together at the watering hole.

You’re no doubt tracking evidence of this all over the Internet. Hands are reaching out across divides and finding common aims and ground.

Interestingly, whenever life is affirmed Thanatos (the death drive) asserts into the equation with more force. Do we sacrifice grandma on the frontlines to build herd immunity so we can reopen the Cheesecake Factory and Carnival Cruises a few weeks earlier?

You hear tacit directives like this in, not surprisingly, some of the churches that are obsessed with pro-life crusades. Always irony points towards unconscious motives.

We’ve about eight more weeks of this cosmic coming together and then Saturn moves back into Capricorn, back towards Pluto, and then we’ll see a new facet of the “May you live in interesting times” curse.

More on all of this in detail in my new private report that I’ll release early April.

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And breathe, baby — breathe.

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