December 05th, 2018

Christmas Approaches: Time for the Tarot


As many of my regular readers know, I’ve taken a break from working with the Tarot during our sessions. But: Good news! of the rare sort:

My friend and colleague Glenn Wright (known to longtime Internet Tarot aficionados as Jess Karlin) recently announced that he is offering online Tarot readings.

This is akin to astrologer Liz Greene or Robert Hand offering affordable, instantly accessible, one-on-one astrological sessions via PayPal. Kinda amazing, yes?

Glenn’s Tarot knowledge is encyclopedic–and grounded in years of devotion to the art.

His book Rhapsodies of the Bizarre: Origin of Occult Tarot is the last, great academic study to be published within a niche that’s glutted with goofy post-modern Tarot effluvia.

My own testimonial (and instances of hopping over the “Physician Heal Thyself” aphorism):

I’ve scheduled several readings with Glenn over the year, at critical junctures and, well, the results were so multifaceted it took me a week to unpack all of the layers; though his insights were utterly practical — spot-on and eerily, instantly applicable. Think about that–and then contact Glenn today.

Take command of this unique opportunity now. (And be sure to include your question or ‘issue of interest’ when you place your request).


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