December 06th, 2013

Venus and Mars and The Mind as the Body’s Largest Erogenous Zone

This post comes via a suggestion from astrologer Sherrye Weinstein, and I’d like to thank her off the top for it.

I’d posted a request for article ideas over on Facebook today and Sherrye suggested an inquiry into the peculiar — and rather long — transits of Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Libra. Venus will move through the sign Capricorn until early March 2014; and Mars will transit Libra, beginning tomorrow, until the end of July 2014. That is a long Mars transit, and in a sign that, conventionally, Mars is muddled in. Not to mention Venus’s FAIL in Capricorn.

Without launching into a diatribe against the too-tight limitations traditional astrology applies to interpretation (with its rulerships, laws, dignities, falls and train wrecks), I want to focus more on the fascinating possibilities that exist for each of us while the planet of love traverses the sign of structure and limitation — Capricorn (where Mars is exalted and runs free — bastard!).

As you’ll see, I’m not negating our heritage from traditional astrology, but I’m amplifying the various paradoxes in a way that fit a modern logos, one imbued with the merits of psychological understanding. Having said that, it’s interesting to remember that Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler is exalted in Libra, a Venusian sign — and that offers a cogent clue here. We’ve a bit of a cluster fuck with these transits, and it’s fun to untangle the various limbs and gender parts, to find the goose that lays the golden egg (I think I mixed metaphors, yes?)

In a a kind of Agatha Christie mindset, we might look to Mars to discover a way out of this Venusian restriction, (as Mars and Venus are viewed as a pair when we study desire, attraction and impulse), but with Mars transiting a Venus-ruled sign we are, in a sense, thrown back towards Venus to unravel the mystery. So Venus in Capricorn becomes the predominate theme. Solve the Venus in Capricorn riddle and you can then ride Mars’ transit through Libra with a clarity that might startle you once it delivers the goods at the end of the sojourn: An entirely new way of thinking about affection and sex.

Mars discriminates and galvanizes. So, what does it mean when you apply Martian clarity to quandaries like “limited love” or “tough love” or what I call “quid pro quo love”. Meaning, when Venus is in Capricorn you only get what you are willing to pay for: something for something; which is a crude way of saying that in the theater of reality (Capricorn) there is perfect justice every second (despite our inability to see or register it). And justice like that, from a spiritual perspective, is symmetrical; beautiful.

The catch? Venus in Capricorn will highlight the disparity in our relationships and make us work to solve the imbalance before a sense of harmony can reestablish. Sounds chilly and abstract doesn’t it? But, wait! Consider how good sex is when you feel your power and your partner’s power simultaneously (quid pro quo), oscillating freely, back and forth, up and down, in and out. (God, I’m flushed just typing that out). That’s a Venus in Capricorn for you.

And Mars in Libra says “Yes, that’s right.” And in Venus’s sign: “I can show you how, because it’s what I want right now. Goddamnit!”

Mars in Libra is, again, from the traditional matrix considered disadvantaged. Mars needs to move forward in a straight line, yes? Why? Who says so? — I guess because the erect penis is pointed and straight it must be so, but women are not exempt from the Martian essence, so what gives?

We’re told Mars gets into a Libran muddle. Again, a cliche, for Libra as a cardinal sign is forceful, dramatic and disrupts the status quo to see which side it wants to test or explore.

So if anything, Mars in Libra is too much mental or intellectual stimulation. And the mind (Venus-ruled Libra) being the body’s largest erogenous zone, when activated by Mars, creates too many desires, too much stimulation, too much variance. Have you ever tried to have sex when your mind is over-amped? Not so good.

Viagra was invented not to stimulate erections but to blow-out the mind by sending so much blood to the head that the brain has no choice but to settle on one particular desire — and follow it; much like Ritalin helps overactive kids ‘settle’ because it burns out their nervous system to the point of zombie-hood.

Venus from Capricorn signals: Chill. And then Mars in Libra brings on focus. Activity through conscious effort is slowed, a rhythm is reached and suddenly a full blown form of tantra is at work. That’s the beauty of Mars in Libra.

The usual quandary of over-thinking and comparing, as in: “This looks good, but also that looks good, and if I go for this over that I’ll lose that” is disciplined. The impulse to have things our way (Mars) can suspend (Libra) allowing a sharp (Mars), no bullshit apprehension of reality (Capricorn) to arise. Objectivity becomes involved in the mechanics and laws of desire. Which really is what tantra or alchemy is about: Head and heart uniting.

So, if you want to understand how life is an ongoing expression of the constant dance, as typified by the sexual impulse (the Venus Mars polarity), of both creation (Venus) and destruction (Mars), take advantage (Capricorn) of these two transits (Libra) to slow down (Venus in Capricorn) and employ temperance (Mars in Libra) for optimal satisfaction. Optimal insight. Optimal love.

Happy Holidays!

And thanks again Sherrye.

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