November 08th, 2012

A Post-Election Conversation with Astrologer Michael Lutin

Astrologers have favorite astrologers. Michael Lutin is one of mine. He’s best known for his popular column with Vanity Fair and is always working on new creative projects: plays, videos and books. His most recent is Sunshines: The Astrology of Being Happy.

Michael’s funny, smart and communicates in direct, simple language. I wish other astrologers would emulate him; but then — scratch that — there’s only room for one one Michael Lutin on this planet.

I followed Michael’s predictions related to this year’s Presidential election closely, and was curious to hear his insights and reactions, especially now that the mania has (seemingly) settled and we’re on to the next chapter in the United State’s ongoing political drama.

We spoke this morning.

Frederick Woodruff: I’d ‘prepared’ my friends and clients for Mercury turning retrograde on Election Day. With the polls declaring a neck-and-neck, I couldn’t help but recall the Mercury retrograde on Election Day 2000. The chaos surrounding the Bush and Gore race traumatized the entire country, and set a new precedent: The Supreme Court handing the election to George W. Bush. I’m still paying off my therapy bills related to that outcome.

You’d mentioned on your site that you felt we were in for a bumpy post-election ride. And yet all appears settled, calm. So what do you make of 2012’s Election Day Mercury retrograde?

Michael Lutin: Everything appears settled and calm. The mystery of Mercury retrograde is never resolved among astrologers, mainly because it’s never the way we think. You have to go on living, and the wrinkles that appear are rarely predictable. I believe that this election and its first day Mercury phenomenon indicates changes in Administration policy and personnel we cannot begin to imagine. Nor would I ever suggest any ideas for what those changes might be in public. I stand by my statements however, and we shall see how it all evolves when Jupiter enters Leo and the Pluto opposition to the USA is in full force with the Uranus square.

We always have to remember to think in bigger terms. Today’s news wraps tomorrow’s fish, so it’s way too easy for pundits and astrologers to look too close to the minutiae of daily events, when actually history is unfolding.

What do you mean that Mercury retrograde is never ‘resolved’ among astrologers?

It’s complicated. Some astrologers think nothing should be taken on or agreed to, no decisions made during the retrograde. But many people who come to an astrologer during Mercury retrograde have a Mercury retrograde, either natally or by progression. It’s their recurrence and the proper time for them to have their charts interpreted.

Also projects that come to you during the retrograde are not necessarily doomed to fail. They are Mercury retrograde projects. It’s just that some big ticket items purchased then don’t work out because when Mercury changes directions you need to make changes or there are flaws or pieces to the puzzle that were not introduced at the earliest time.

We can’t stop living every time a planet moves this way or that. We have to be aware, however, of the ephemeral nature and fleeting meaning of events in our lives. I always take note of what is happening to me during a retrograde. I just live it out and see where it leads. Always making the effort to be conscious of it and not attached to the outcome.

I remember listening to one of your YouTube videos years ago, way before Pluto’s imminent entry into Capricorn (where it currently resides until 2024). Yours was the only interpretation that made any sense. It was logical and conveyed your sharp insight into human nature.

You explained how corporations (represented by Capricorn) would feel threatened and begin to ratchet down and make greedier grabs for what was left of the pie. You noted how the existing power structures could sense that their hegemony was beginning to fail. And this is exactly what’s happened. Profits for the 1% segment have shot through the ceiling while the plebeians are just scraping by.

When Occupy Wall Street came along, during the open of the Uranus Pluto square, a lot of us felt we’d finally see comeuppance, some checks, balances and accountability — and yet? That all seems like a dream fragment that froze with the winter of 2011. What do you make of where we are now regarding the ongoing Pluto in Capricorn transit and the series of squares occurring between Uranus and Pluto?

What I said back then is exactly what is going on. The more resistance that appears against the Old Patriarchy, the more it will crack down and attempt to quell any rebellion. This is natural when revolutions occur.

All I can say about Occupy Wall Street is I had no idea it would happen when I laid myself down on the sidewalk in front of the Federal Reserve (left). I just thought it was a funny thing to do since there was going to be a revolution sometime. I didn’t realize it would be the next day.

As for OWS, it was a good thing. And nobody should think that the young voices have been silenced forever. It’s going to be a war between the young voices and the efforts of the Patriarchy (which many women belong to) to silence those voices. That’s what revolution is.

On your Horoscope of the World page for election day you mention Neptune stationing direct in Mitt Romney’s 10th house and a big announcement or statement that he might make. I’m curious about this. Did you mean this to imply he’d be President?

Who knows what a Pisces will do? He could announce a sex change operation for all I know.

My fantasy is he would offer his services to Obama who, in my other fantasy would accept it and for the first time in history a winning president would join forces with the opponent and reduce the two party system to ashes and show they both care about the country from different points of view and fight it out like married couples do.

I like that fantasy! And yet, my impression of Mitt Romney doesn’t allow for something so generous. But, as you say, with a Pisces — who knows? But speaking of married couples: Let’s talk about Michelle Obama’s natal Sun and Saturn sitting on the USA’s natal Pluto. This is a fascinating set of symbols. What is your take on that?

No comment on what Michelle Obama will do. Watch and see.
Oh shit, now my natal Scorpio Moon is buzzing! So, you’re forecasting ahead that the United States’ Pluto return (which occurs in 2022) will also involve Michele Obama’s natal Sun (symbol for the most significant male in her life) and Saturn (her personal fate). That’s a powerful confluence. How would you view that, say, in a chart comparison consultation? One person’s Sun and Saturn on the other’s Pluto?

I think its dangerous right now. It’s her destiny, you could say that much. Nothing further.

You closed your Election Day coverage by heralding Chris Chrisite, I’m fascinated by your prediction:

“Some people think he’s just a big fat bully who has cathected an abusive mother, but he is rising as the most savvy political animal in the United States. He knows the two party system is totally fucked, and he will emerge as a major star.”

I was thinking of your comment while listening to Ann Coulter last night blaming Chris Christie, in part, for Obama’s victory. She complained that he was doing everything but ‘spooning’ with the President during the Sandy relief efforts.

And I think you’re correct, Christie understands the two party system; he’s oddly prescient with his behavior and statements. When he appeared at the RNC, he avoided talking about Romney for until necessary. I could sense he knew Romney was going to lose, and he wanted to use that evening’s platform to establish his presence (no pun intended). He also correctly called the first debate, saying Romney would trounce Barry, and this is exactly what happened. Even all my gay liberal friends in New Jersey love him. So that must mean something. Can you say anymore about his “major star” destiny?

Christie is a commoner. He’s not a patrician — I mean, that’s all we’ve had for years and years in the White House. Harry Truman was the last commoner. I don’t approve of his bullying ways, but with the fixed star Regulus now in Virgo (and Christie is a Virgo) the common man and woman are going to be the great leaders.

Royalty is done with: Regulus is leaving Leo. The worker is in. Christie is not only a common and a blue collar worker, but he is of the people.

If he lays off the pizza and lives long enough, he is about to burst on to the national scene as a hero. Let’s hope not just as a big fat bully. I have seen him working to clear up the debris in New Jersey after Sandy. Not only is he politically savvy, but there is also an authentic solidarity with regular people that money can’t buy.

I hate bullies. I hate people who are proud of being bullies. He’s both. But there is something in the man’s heart that is strictly blue collar, and that is going to appeal to Democrats and Republicans who need somebody who doesn’t wear cufflinks.

I like Eliot Spitzer for the same reason. He’s got way more class of course, but he’s a hot sex fiend and proud of it, even though he now pretends to hold the yarn while his wife knits. I think Spitzer’s got more power as a mouthpiece, than in a political seat. Christie on the other hand, is a natural — but these size 80 suits have got to go!

Frederick: You pointed out, clearly, in your recent Huffington Post column, that even “during times of great upheaval and change, we all go on living as if nothing were happening.”

What do you attribute this to? Human nature’s tendency towards denial or do you think it’s related to the nascent wisdom of our survival instinct? In some quiet place within each of us we ‘know’ that we’re just a small part of Nature’s bigger plan?

Change is great when you yourself initiate it. When it is imposed upon you from force majeure, or some great social, cultural or economic upheaval, the natural human thing to do is try to regain a shred of control over life by attending to your own affairs as if you weren’t being affected by Something beyond your comprehension or control.

Photo of Michael Lutin by Gaspar Tringale.

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