October 12th, 2012

Kathryn Kuhlman: High Priestess for the Trinity

I’m a devout Kathryn Kuhlman fan, her early sermons from the 60s and 70s are hypnotic, eerie — spellbinding.

The above video, from the moment it materializes, rivets and dazzles. It appears to be transmitted from not only another time but another planet. Planet KK! I watch it over and over again. It moves me — and I’m not a conventional Christian. But Kathryn could make me a True Believer!

If only evangelical preachers were this infused with the Holy Ghost today.

Unequivocally, Kuhlman compels that I feel presence; hers, mine, the room’s — the Totality’s. Her command of voice, body language, expression — and all that’s unseen in the space around her, is magical, pagan. Added bonus: There’s never any mention of money.

KK was the genuine deal, a high priestess for the Christian trinity. I love my friend Brian Fisher‘s description: “… a hybrid Sara Bernhardt and Kate Hepburn.” With a bit of Martha Graham, I’d add.

Intriguing that Kuhlman was a Taurus, as one of the zodiac’s two signs related to libido, Kulhman’s sexuality infused her religious devotion and fueled her efforts to touch others in a transcendental way.

But this wasn’t a languid sort of erotic ardor, akin to Bernini‘s Ecstasy of Saint Teresa. No, all chakras were spinning on high octane love juice when Kathryn’s flick was switched.

When bulls find spirituality (which usually bores or confounds them) it’s an all or nothing commitment. GET OUT OF THE THEIR WAY — THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS THEM!

Kulhman’s Moon/Venus conjunction in Aries brought a phallic heat to her feminine side too, taking command in an arena exclusive to men back in the day.

Though that pairing of feminine planets, placed in her 7th house, was disastrous for her love life. When Venus and the Moon entangle in Aries often the central love object is oneself. So imagine what happens when that self becomes imbued with the Holy Ghost! How could a mere human possibly compete?

The sharpest astrological marker in Kuhlman’s horoscope is Saturn in Pisces (related to unyielding faith and good old fashioned fear of god). This supports my developing notion that Saturn (along with the Sun) offers the clearest clue to one’s life path, the most compelling interest (or hesitation). And once engaged: the deepest reservoir of personal power.

Glory be!

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