June 02nd, 2014

Astrology and Destiny: A Different Take


“We are not stamped at birth with our destiny, nor even our personality — there is no imprinting — but, being the person we are, we are born at a time that announces who we are.

Our destiny may be indicated at birth, but its realization lies in the future — indeed tragically it may never find complete fulfillment.

It is a pity that the idea of destiny has almost completely slipped from human consciousness, thanks to the propaganda that physical causation is the only causation in town, so that everybody must look to the past for meanings. The answers must lie in the genes, or in the childhood situation, and so on. Some of the answers may indeed be found there, but the true significance of our journey — like all journeys — lies in where we are going, not where we are coming from.

Aristotle wrote in the fourth century BC that the ‘nature of man is not what he was born as, but what he is born for.’

And I like this quotation from Nietzsche: ‘Our destiny exercises its influence over us even when, as yet, we have not learned its nature: it is our future that lays down the law of our today.’ ”

– Dennis Elwell
from Astrology is a Foreign Language on Skyscript

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  • http://www.astro4business.com Ellen Longo

    Thanks for this post, Frederick.

    My teacher, Gurumayi, says, “Summon forth your inner courage and live the life of your dreams.” I take this to mean that this life is not just a duty, or something we agreed to so our souls could fulfill their destinies, but a life of our dreams. Dreams in the sense that these were intentions formed when in a non-physical state, our fondest hopes and wishes for life.

    So,as astrologers, if the chart shows the life of the client’s dreams, how can the advisor discern and then help the client to remember what intention they had for this life? What did they come to fulfill, if only they had the courage to do so? Which makes a reading not a static interpretation of textbook definitions, although these are true as far as they go, but speaking directly to the inner person, the person who had an intention for this life and needs a reminder about what that intention was.

    Does that sound right to you?

    By the way, thanks for your reference to my blog in a previous post. I spiked all the way to 20 readers that day!

  • http://www.astroinquiry.com Frederick

    Hi Ellen

    “…spiked all the way to 20 readers…” That made me smile. I’m finding it is a challenge to maneuver the Google-dominated net world, and implement ways to structure one’s site to optimize traffic.”I try harder.”

    Your comment illuminates some really strong points — especially as relates to the astrologer’s level of development and how that development can guide (or not) the consultation. As Jung pointed out — and I’m paraphrasing — a counselor is only as good as his or her degree of individuation. I am only capable of illuminating a chart to the degree of my own development, my own connection to being.

    On the surface astrology seems to tell us that we each have an individual destiny to fulfill, and at one level of understanding (or you could say ‘development’) this is true. But beyond that concept there is a deeper, more complete connection with our basic ground, the field of reality that is beyond time, beyond space, beyond Fate — is simply an ‘isness’ — pure potential — that midpoint between the Unmanifest and the Manifest. The deepest mystery, the truest place. I also love how astrology can also lead us there, more with its poetry than its mathematics and techniques. Yes?


  • mont bondy

    i always recall
    the law of accident, the law of fate, the law of will. “THE FAULT DEAR BRUTUS LIES NOT IN OUR STARS, BUT IN OURSELVES, THAT WE ARE UNDERLINGS”
    my chart indicates an accidentally found demise x 20 o orb hard aspects and for good measure, progressed moon in 8th (with transiting saturn) and pluto conjunct saturn in my tenth, all the rest by transit or progression are in my 12th house. still, not a tear fell until i saw a glimpse in my daughter’s chart. born feb 19 1960 windsor ont. 9;20 am the date is feb 25 2015. oh yes a tear fell then, she is so sensitive she is suffering mental illness just being here and in the insanity of her Mom’s home. so i am thinking that if i was under the law of my own will, then being stabbed shot and hung would be temporary near miss irritations. yes? no? please not silence, been there 1/2 year

  • Frederick


    When confronted with challenging transits or progressions, or when looking forward to upcoming challenging aspects in a chart (for oneself or someone you we are close to) it is best to work with a counselor or therapist, say, who can present a more objective overview of one’s situation.

    There are no easy answers or quick-fix remedies when life seems to dictate that we be involved with a profound process, evolution or catharsis — we can only engage with that and trust that in the end true nature will deliver us to the exact place our soul needs to find solace, strength and respite. Having an advisor will help, and this is why I suggested professional assistance.

    That would be my recommendation.



  • http://MotherSk jessica murray

    Thank you for posting this wonderful quotation, Frederick. Those words of Aristotle sum it up beautifully. Elwell is the best. Even old Nietzsche had the idea. Such a lift to read this.