March 28th, 2014

New Grand Cardinal Square Update

Pictures often save thousands of words — especially when it comes to astrologers and their tendency to blowhard.

As we move towards April’s ‘big kahuna’ grand cardinal cross (on April 23/24 to be exact) the following animated GIFS convey the essence and feeling tenor of the approaching clash of the titans:





…and yes, you can even




11 Responses to 'New Grand Cardinal Square Update'
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  • Tim T

    Absolutely perfect! Thank you. Rotf.

  • frederick_a_woodruff

    Thanks Tim!

  • Carol

    Fredrick this is such a wonderful way to learn astrology. They are each like a miniature dream scenario. Bravo.

  • PiscesMoon

    I’ve returned to your site at least ten times today to re watch these. They are fantastic. Thank you!

  • Julie Demboski


  • lenaz

    I don’t get it …or I get it but don’t like it LOL <3

  • M

    Uhm, Frederick, you wrote grand cardinal cross is “on April 15th to be exact”. Am I confused? I thought full moon eclipse was 15th and grand cross was 23rd…exact 10:37 EDT, to be exact. (Shush, Gem Asc, shush. I can’t help it. He’s adorable, but I want his facts to be facts. Besides, I’m just askin’….thus spake the Pisces sun with the Gem Asc.)

    The rest? Such a way with words. Brilliant!

  • frederick_a_woodruff

    Hi M: Thank you for that catch, it might have been the hovering dread of IRS day that dominated the moment. I’ve made the correction.

    Ienaz: What don’t you get? I’ll answer whatever questions you might have.

    Everyone else: Happy to oblige.

  • Wonder Bright

    Oh Gods, Frederick, how did I miss this?! Y E S

  • frederick_a_woodruff

    HAAA!! So glad you discovered this Wonder.

  • Lynn

    Hi Frederick! Here’s a pic you could maybe add to your collection. Kinda captures my 2nd house “Scorpioness”. My bank accnt. is trying to tell me something.

    Your pics are great. I wonder what images will depict the “aftermath”??

    Hope you’re well, esp in this turbulence…

    Lynn H.