October 18th, 2013

The Full Moon Eclipse and the War for Truth

Eclipses have a bad reputation. This relates to the days when only kings and queens had their horoscopes prepared — and what might befall a ruler meant the entire village was going to suffer or succeed as well.

The fact that an eclipse involves an astronomical exactitude can, for individuals, translate into a sense of pressure that triggers our sense of increased or diminished awareness. In other words, a lunar eclipse illuminates what is sending you to sleep— distancing you from the awakened state.

Eclipses are anachronistic. Dimmed lunar light tweaks cellular memory — that reptilian/mammalian part of the brain which winds through our DNA like a spiraled tendril. Dreams unhinge, longings feel jammed-to-bursting. Again, it’s about the amplification of awareness — how it ascends or descends.

The early-century occultist Rudolph Steiner had a wild theory about eclipses and I’ll share it here because it’s so fascinating. This is from Dennis Elwell‘s stellar book Cosmic Loom:

He said they serve as safety valves, a solar eclipse carrying out into space the evil that spreads over the earth, so that it might work its havoc in a less concentrated sphere. A lunar eclipse, on the other hand, allows evil thoughts present in the cosmos to approach those humans who are willing to be possessed by them.

Kind of creepy. But the point here, if we move away from the moralistic tone, is that eclipses shift or tilt the balance between solar and lunar properties, and how we as humans align with those impressions.

Eclipses are easier to comprehend, in a practical way, if viewed through the lens of Gurdjieff‘s cosmology. Where the moon is associated with emotional habits that support somnambulism, a kind of devolution. And the sun is linked to awareness, presence, a quality of one-pointedness that is ‘now’-oriented; not retro-pulled towards womb memories.

If momentum in one’s life is towards the moon — a calcification of the psyche — the influence of the lunar eclipse will heighten awareness of this dilemma. A solar eclipse does the opposite — assists the ascending solar arc towards the awakened state.

But what of the sign in which the sun abides tonight? Libra is a peculiar symbol. Neither human or animal. Within a menagerie of critters Libra marks the virtues that transcend the passions personified by our animal nature.

Ignited by a full moon in Aries, the Libra sun leans towards warfare in the name of truth and beauty: Noetic forms that inspire a marriage of the human and divine. As this is a lunar eclipse the tendency is to avoid clarity for comfort’s sake. Too bad. We might miss the potential to make and attend our wedding. To actualize the steps that mark progress — from animal to the divine. A struggle is afoot. Bring your best weapons.

The good news? Lunar eclipses syphon into consciousness many of the alchemical forces associated with the final stages of the Work. That place where alpha and omega blend, igniting an inner illumination.

Here is the Alchemist’s Prayer. You might need it tonight:

“Oh, most singular and unspeakable Presence, first and last in the universe, heighten the fury of my fire and burn away the dross of my being. Cleanse my soiled soul; bathe me in your awesome light. Set me free from my history and cut me loose from my boundaries. Unite me with the One Thing hidden in my life, wherein is my only strength. Fill me with your Presence, allow me to see through your Eye, grant me entry to your Mind, let me resonate with your Will. Make me transparent to your flame, and fashion me into a lens for your light only. Transmute me into an incorruptible Stone in your eternal service, like the golden light that surrounds you.”

Illustration: Wilfried Podriech Satty

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  1. HISMAEL7 remarks:


    October 18th, 2013 at 3:57 pm
  2. Mitch_H remarks:

    Your insights are really refeshing. Thank you! And especially for that prayer at the end. It’s magnificent.

    October 18th, 2013 at 6:00 pm
  3. Lynn remarks:

    Oh my…the Alchemist’s prayer is sooo much like the Aramaic translation of the Lord’s prayer.
    Here’s the translation of just the opening lines, “Our Father, who art in heaven.” & “Hallowed be thy name”. Learned it many yrs. ago at a couple of week-long Enneagram workshops. This is long, but wonderful. Thank you for the reminder, Frederick. Needed this.


    Abwoon d’bwashmaya ( trad. recited, from King James Version: “Our Father, who art in Heaven”) but quite different, translated from the orig. Aramaic:

    O Birther! Father-Mother of the Cosmos,
    you create all that moves
    in light.

    O Thou! The Breathing Life of all,
    Creator of the Shimmering Sound that
    touches us.

    Respiration of all worlds,
    we hear you breathing–in and out–
    in silence.

    Source of Sound: in the roar and the whisper,
    in the breeze and the whirlwind, we
    hear your Name.

    Radiant One: You shine within us,
    outside us–even darkness shines–when
    we remember.

    Name of names, our small identity
    unravels in you, you give it back
    as a lesson.

    Wordless Action, Silent Potency–
    where ears and eyes awaken, there
    heaven comes.

    O Birther! Father-Mother of the Cosmos!

    Nethqadash shmakh……”Hallowed be thy name “- KJV …..but again very different,
    translated from Aramaic:

    Focus your light within us–make it useful:
    as the rays of a beacon
    show the way.

    Help us breathe one holy breath
    feeling only you–this creates a shrine
    inside, in wholeness.

    Help us let go, clear the space inside
    of busy forgetfulness: so the
    Name comes to live.

    Your name, your sound can move us
    if we tune our hearts as instruments
    for its tone.

    Hear the one Sound that created all others,
    in this way the Name is hallowed
    in silence.

    In peace the Name resides:
    a “room of one’s own,” a holy of holies
    open, giving light, to all.

    We all look elsewwhere for this light–
    it draws us out of ourselves–but the Name
    always lives within.

    Focus your light within us–make it useful!

    October 18th, 2013 at 6:42 pm
  4. John Browne remarks:

    My thanks, Frederick… and Lynn! Good reads tonight… ^..^

    October 18th, 2013 at 10:01 pm
  5. Catherine remarks:

    This is really helpful. Thanks.

    October 19th, 2013 at 7:43 am
  6. Jessica Murray remarks:

    Very interesting to hear how Gurdjieff saw the Moon & Sun as contrasting pulls, away from and towards wakefulness. It’s a lot like Eric Meyers’ iconoclastic take on the luminaries in his Astrology of Awakening.

    October 19th, 2013 at 12:54 pm
  7. Aglo remarks:

    Forever Greatful!!

    October 19th, 2013 at 7:33 pm
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