December 08th, 2009

Niffari on Turning

Relationship persists so long as subsidiary cause persists,
and subsidiary cause persists so long as quest persists,
and quest persists so long as thou persistest,
and thou persistest so long as thou sees Me not;
but when thou seest Me, thou art no more,
and when thou art no more,
quest is no more, and when quest is no more,
subsidiary cause is no more, and when subsidiary cause is no more,
relationship is no more, and when relationship is no more,
limit is no more, and when limit is no more, veils are no more.

— Niffari

Painting: Paul Klee, detail from U struji šest pragova, 1929

2 Responses to 'Niffari on Turning'
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  • Martin

    This is fucking amazing. Almost like a compressed scientific disseration on the problem of relationship — one’s relationship to other, one’s relationship to God. thannk you.

  • Rebecca

    Southern Minnesota is experiencing a blizzard…schools and businesses are closed, routine is stopped.
    Niffari’s words are so amazing, so powerful to ponder.
    Thank you for this gift!